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How To Use the Feng Shui Ba Gua to Attract Love & Romance

feng shui romanceIf you've been researching Feng Shui (especially by visiting this website) you may know that you can use Feng Shui principles in the romance trigram of the Ba Gua to help attract romantic opportunities and true love into your life.

The romance trigram of the ba gua is in the right hand, back corner of your home or apartment when you are standing at the main entrance looking in.

But you can also employ this technique in other areas, such as:
- Your living room
- Your entire property
- Your front yard
- Your master bedroom
- Any other room in your home or apartment where you spend a lot of time
- Different levels of your home, including upstairs and the basement

When we activate the chi in specific trigrams of the Ba Gua across our entire home or apartment, this is a technique called reinforcement, and it increases the energy and intention that you are putting toward finding a mate.

First, take a look at what you currently keep in the romance trigram in different rooms of your home.

- Do you notice any patterns? Are these areas filled with clutter? Dark and dusty, with stagnant chi? Do they reflect your intention to find a romantic partner?

- What Feng Shui remedies or anchoring objects might fit well in this space?

- Once you make the change, how do you feel about the romantic opportunities in your life? Feng Shui can work very quickly -- you may immediately feel more positive about attracting romance, and that feeling could manifest into a real-life situation very quickly.

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