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Use Feng Shui to Remind You to Be True to Yourself

feng shui true selfI've talked a lot, recently, about being true to yourself, or finding your true self, in order to attract love. You can use powerful Feng Shui secrets to remind yourself to do exactly that.

Follow these Feng Shui tips to bring your home or apartment into better alignment with your true self, and watch how the change in yourself helps you attract the perfect romantic partner.

1. Find your true self. You don't want to make any Feng Shui changes in your life without a clear vision of your goals. Who is your true self? What's important to you? Aside from finding a mate, where do you want to place the focus in your life?

2. Reinforce that area of your life by finding the corresponding section of the Ba Gua. Maybe you've always been a lifelong learner. Or maybe you have a deep creative side -- maybe you're a visual artist or a poet -- that you haven't released in a long time. Whatever means the most to you, find that area of the Feng Shui ba gua in your home or apartment and reinforce it using the Feng Shui remedy that seems to fit best.

3. Take action - As the positive chi flows into this area, you'll find opportunities to take action to pursue what really matters to you. Maybe you'll receive a flyer in the mail for a course you want to take; meet someone who does exactly what you want to do, such as writing or drawing; or find some other way to tap into your true self. Feng Shui helps us see opportunities, but we still have to act on them.

Once you begin living as your true self, the person you want to be (and the person you really are!) love will flow your way, too.

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