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Feng Shui Your Master Bedroom to Improve Your Marriage or Relationship

feng shui bedroom marriageFeng Shui your master bedroom to smooth out marriage or relationship problems so that you have a happy and healthy relationship or marriage. In Feng Shui, the master bedroom is critical to understanding your current relationship and love life.
The master bedroom, along with the front entrance and the stove, are one of the three most important areas in a home or apartment. Your master bedroom can have a significant impact on your marriage.

Look around your master bedroom and analyze the following elements, and then re-create the space so it is in alignment with your goal for a stronger marriage.

1. What's in your romance or relationship corner? If this corner attracts clutter, dirty laundry, or even piles of paperwork, it could mean that you are not giving your relationship the focus it deserves. Instead, everything else in everyday life is getting in the way.
Clean out this corner and set your intention to focus on your spouse by placing two objects with great significance in this space. If clutter seems to find every flat surface in your home, remove the flat surface! Place a plant in this corner, instead.

2. What color is your master bedroom? Peach can lead partners to go astray in a  marriage, while blue or green may not contribute enough passion to the relationship. The best colors for a master bedroom are flesh tones like beige or cream, or shades of pink.

3. Is your bedroom balanced? If one side of a bed has a nightstand while the other does not, or heavy objects seem to dominate one side of a room, this can lead to inequality in the marriage, which one partner may grow to resent. Place objects -- including nightstands, artwork, candles and plants -- in pairs in the master bedroom, and pay attention to the overall balance in the space.

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