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Feng Shui To Improve Your Marriage or Relationship

Use Feng Shui To Make Sparks Fly In Your Marriage resized 600As relationships mature, bonds grow stronger and deeper. There's a comfort in familiarity, but that comfort can also bring predictability and boredom.

That’s why the strongest marriages have partners who focus on keeping their relationship vibrant and exciting. And Feng Shui can help!

Feng Shui and Renewing Your Love

Many couples have ceremonies renewing their vows after years of marriage. This ritual spotlights the love they share for each other and is a reminder of the strength of their relationship. One of the most important Feng Shui principles is renewal. Think of it in your marriage as replacing stagnant energy with new vital energy.

You can renew your romance in many different ways:

1. Place “anchoring objects,” such as wedding photos, in significant areas of your home, including the romance trigrams of your home or apartment and the master bedroom. Photos of you and a spouse are one of the few types of pictures that have a positive influence in the master bedroom.

2. Set aside date night. Is “date night” a cool concept that other people have, but you and your partner never make time for? Find a babysitter and set aside an evening once a week to re-connect. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money; escape for a walk in the park if that's all you have time and money for.

3. Don't forget yourself. - In today's world of work, commitments and kids, we often forget to do the things we really love. Take time to pursue the activities you enjoy, as an individual. We're always more interesting and attractive to other people (including our spouse) when we have our own interests.

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