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Relationship Tips: How To Stay True to Yourself in a Relationship

finding the right guy resized 600We’ve all had that first gasp of a serious crush when meeting someone new – the kind of attraction that can’t be ignored. There’s even research that proves the brain chemistry of people who are infatuated with a partner actually changes! That excitement of looking forward to time with that new person is exhilarating. 

We all want to make a positive impression on someone when we’re first dating, so we present our best selves. It’s not that we are being inauthentic, but we may not yet be comfortable being our true selves. There is fear that if we show our less-than-wonderful attributes, that person will think less of us and possibly reject us.

Valuing yourself and acknowledging your true self, even with your flaws, is a key Feng Shui principle. Women, especially, have a tendency to undervalue themselves. They often make self-deprecating comments and have difficulty accepting compliments. But if you set a goal to honor who you are, we will be presenting the real you to your new partner.

Setting the Tone

If you begin a romantic relationship with true intentions by honoring yourself and being authentic, you are setting the tone for a positive relationship.  You are also in a sense giving the other person “permission” to be themselves with you. Acceptance is a very attractive quality in a partner; you want someone who sees the real you and is honest about who they are. After all, knowing you can be yourselves, value each other and also yourselves is firm groundwork for a long-term romantic relationship.

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