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Feng Shui For Fame, Recognition & Reputation

Feng Shui fame, recognition and reputation is one of the key areas that many looking to attract success focus on. There are several symbols for fame and recognition but the fame area is more about how your current situation is being reflected in the Feng Shui of your fame and recognition area. 
Do you feel as if you work hard and never earn any recognition for it? Do you love being in the limelight and wish you could get more attention in various areas of your life?
You can benefit by directing chi to the Fame and Recognition trigram of the ba gua in your home or apartment.

The fame and recognition trigram of the ba gua is located directly in the center of a home or apartment against the back wall.
By directing chi to this area, you will be able to see and capitalize on opportunities to shine in your life, creating fame and recognition for yourself and other residents of your home.
Feng Shui Fame Recognition Reputation

One of the best ways to activate chi is by using an item that represents the element corresponding to that trigram of the Feng Shui ba gua. Since the element of Fire corresponds with the Fame and Recognition trigram, there are a number of objects you can use to increase your opportunities for fame and recognition.

1. Candles - Candles represent the fire element and create a pleasing, relaxing light that can make you feel good and increase your confidence so you are in a better position to accept the attention you want to receive. Use red candles to gain more attention from the opposite sex, or black candles to increase career recognition. Consider using scented candles to enhance the mood of your home.

2. Feng Shui firecrackers - Red Feng Shui firecrackers are symbols of good fortune. Business owners often hang them to encourage business success. Feng Shui firecrackers will provide a reminder that you are on fire, unstoppable, and able to achieve anything you want.

3. A fireplace - If you have a fireplace in the Fame and Recognition trigram of your home, this is very fortunate. Make a conscious effort to use the fireplace or, if you don't want the hassle of a fire, place candles in a decorative configuration in the fireplace and burn the candles.

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