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Feng Shui Children Tips: How to Keep Your Children in Your Heart with a Metal Picture Frame

children picture frame feng shuiAt different times in our lives, we may place our focus in different areas. Our main concern may be finding love, increasing our income and making more money, or building a strong, supportive family unit.

With all of today's demands on us, it's often hard to make time for our children. Parents work late and miss soccer games, and even when we're with our children, we're often not fully present, giving them our complete attention.

Wherever you place your focus, however, is where you'll achieve the most success in life. And to most parents, there's nothing more important than their children. You can use Feng Shui to help you make an intentional effort to build a stronger relationship with your children.

The Children and Creativity Ba Gua Trigram

ken lauher ba guaWhen you stand at your home or apartment's front entrance and look in, the children and creativity trigram of the ba gua is located to your right side, in the center of the home. It's located between the Helpful People and Travel and the Romance and Marriage trigrams. This segment of the ba gua corresponds to the element of metal.

Activate the Chi in the Creativity and Children Section of the Ba Gua
To improve your relationship with your children and build a stronger family, hang photos of your children in metal picture frames in this trigram of the ba gua. Every time you see these photos, you will be reminded of your love for your children, and will shift your focus to spending more quality time with them.

You can double the effects of this Feng Shui principle by laying the ba gua over other rooms of your home and selecting family pictures for that area, as well. This works in any room but a bedroom, where you should avoid hanging photos of people unless they are of you and your partner or, if you're single, other happy couples.

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