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3 Types of Negative Chi to Avoid in the Feng Shui of NYC Apartments

apartment feng shuiChi is the energy of a space, and it comes in several forms. When chi is positive, free-flowing and full of life, so are a home or apartment's inhabitants. On the other hand, there are several types of chi considered to be negative influences in Feng Shui.

When you're buying or renting an apartment, it's important to evaluate the chi, since it's easier to find a space with positive chi than to try to correct problems caused by negative chi.

Here are a few types of sha chi (killing energy) to avoid in a Feng Shui apartment.

1. Pulling Nose Chi - This means that the energy is draining out of your apartment building rather than collecting inside to be dispersed amongst the apartment units. Pulling Nose Chi is generally caused by a steep staircase leading up to an apartment building's main entrance.

2. Yin Sha Chi - When a building is too dark, it is said to have Yin Sha Chi, or too much yin energy which can cause an apartment's inhabitants to become listless, without the right energy or mindset to pursue their goals. Yin Sha is often caused by trees that block sunlight from filling an entry with positive energy. Evaluate a home or apartment for potential purchase in the spring or summer, when trees are in full bloom so you can best spot sha chi.

3. Sky Crack Sha - When two tall, parallel buildings are visible from your apartment building's main entrance, this is called Sky Crack Sha Chi and its presence can cause misfortune to an apartment's residents.

It's not easy to remedy or redirect these three forms of negative chi. When you begin your apartment-hunting quest, avoid spaces with these types of negative energy.

I can help you find the apartment of your dreams, that will help you achieve your goals and finally beginning living according to your true life purpose. Call me before you schedule an appointment with your real estate agent to set up your Feng Shui consultation for apartment buyers.

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