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Bad Feng Shui: Ceiling Beams In The Bedroom Can Hurt Your Relationship

exposed beam feng shui bedroom resized 600Do you feel as if you have bad luck with romance? Do you have trouble staying in a relationship? Do you often argue with lovers until it ends in a bad break-up?

According to Feng Shui principles, certain structural aspects of your home could contribute to rocky relationships and frequent, bad breakups.

Exposed beams in your home or apartment, especially if they cross over the bed in the master bedroom or over a couch or loveseat in a living room or family room where you spend a lot of time with your partner, could cause a rift between you and your partner.

Exposed beams can also contribute to headaches, increased stress, and other health problems. Not feeling your best can also negatively affect romantic relationships, since you don't have the emotional energy to put into the relationship to make it work.  

Feng Shui Remedy for Exposed Beams

If exposed beams in your home or apartment are wreaking havoc on your love life, there are a few Feng Shui tips you can employ to change the situation.

1. Paint exposed beams the same color as the ceiling so the effect is not as dramatic.

2. In the living room or family room, hang a decorative firecracker on the beams to create an uplifting effect, so the beams won't psychologically weigh you down.

3. Hang bamboo flutes from the beams at a 180-degree angle, so they represent two sides of an octagon, which is the shape of the Feng Shui ba gua.

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