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Feng Shui For Fertility: How Limiting Beliefs Impact Conception

feng shui conception resized 600A limiting belief is a belief from your past, often based on faulty information, that can block you from achieving your goals and living the best life you can.

I've seen limiting beliefs affect people in a number of ways. One woman in her early 40s was desperate to have a baby. When she was a teenager, her well-intentioned mother had warned her how much responsibility kids are, that it's a responsibility that can last from 18 years to your whole life. While her mother meant well, the woman took it too heart and adopted this limiting belief to the point it caused fertility problems.

Limiting beliefs often come from people who love us. They are doing their best to teach us or give advice that will keep us from getting hurt. But we then adopt these beliefs in situations where they no longer apply and they hold us back.

Replacing Limiting Beliefs with Empowering Thoughts

Once the woman identified the limiting belief that was holding her back from conception, she was able to recognize that, while her mother's words of wisdom applied to a young teenager, a grown woman had the capacity to handle the responsibility of raising children.

She shed those limiting beliefs and, at the same time, decided to find a new fertility specialist to provide a new perspective on her case of undiagnosed infertility. This is one of the ways the Universe provides the answers to questions once we open our minds to hearing them by abandoning the thought patterns that hold us back.

The woman also applied some of the Feng Shui tips I share in my eBook, Feng Shui Secrets, and, a few months later, got pregnant. She's due to have a little girl this summer.

What dreams have you let limiting beliefs stop you from achieving? Is it time to abandon these beliefs, realize they no longer apply (if they ever did) and finally live the life you've always wanted?

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