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Feng Shui Tips For Better Sex: Is Clutter Affecting Your Love Life?

love life feng shuiIn Feng Shui, sex can be improved and heightened when you improve your personal energy as well as improve the the love and romance area of your bedroom, house or floor plan.
Each room has a love and relationship area. Understanding the story it shares, tells a story about your sex and love life.
I often tell people that Feng Shui is not about removing clutter from your life, necessarily. But when you are in a place that you feel comfortable, where chi can flow freely, you'll see more opportunities coming your way. If you're looking for the opportunity to meet a partner you can spend the rest of your life with, Feng Shui can help you find true love.

Clutter can undermine your efforts to attract romance or build a stronger love relationship in a number of ways.

1. When your home or apartment is a mess, you may feel less confident. You won't have the right energy to ask people out, and you probably won't be comfortable inviting guests into your home.

2. A cluttered residence could indicate a lack of focus in your life. To attract love, you must concentrate on love with a laser sharp focus. Realign and redecorate your space to reflect your goals -- including clearing the clutter to make room for another person in your life -- and you'll see the Universe fall into alignment to help.

3. Clearing clutter can free up time in your life and increase your energy so you can focus on relationships -- new, future or existing.

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