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3 Feng Shui Tips To Raise Your Self Esteem and Find True Love

describe the imageYou've probably heard the expression, “You have to love yourself before someone else will love you.” Or, a variation on the expression: “Before you can love anyone else, you have to love yourself.” But for many people, loving themselves is not that easy.

Poor self-esteem can be rooted in events that happened in childhood, the way our parents treated us, how easily we made friends at school, our appearance, our jobs, our weight, and any other number of things that cause us to compare ourselves, unfavorably, to others.

Feng Shui may not, over night, change self-perceptions that it took years or decades to develop. But here's the good news: You can take three easy steps to change your self-image using Feng Shui.

Hang Mirrors to Feel Better

1. Make sure mirrors in your home are at the right height. Mirrors that cut off the top of your head because they are hung too low could contribute to feelings of low self-esteem. When you cut off your image in a mirror, it's as if you're saying you're not important enough to view your entire self.Place a mirror high enough that you have plenty of room to view your entire face without having too look up or down. Feng Shui mirrors should be one complete panel and not cut into pieces, which also distorts or cuts your image and, consequently, your self-image.

2. Hang a mirror in your entryway to check your appearance as you leave your home. I often recommend to clients that they hang a mirror, at the proper height, in their entryway. Not only does this widen the space, it provides  a place where you can give yourself one last look before you leave the house. You can walk with confidence knowing you look your best and not worry about having food between your teeth or another appearance faux pas that can undermine your confidence when you discover it.

3. Smile in the mirror. - One last step. Before you leave the house, stand tall and smile. It's tough to feel down when you're smiling. Let your inner light shine through, and you will find yourself attracting others to you.

Act Confident to Attract Romance

When you begin acting more confident, you'll begin to feel more confident and, like magic, you'll find people attracted to you. By attracting more people to you as friends or romantic prospects, you'll increase your odds of finding the one you love.

It all goes back to that old expression. When you begin to love yourself, others can't help but love you, too. 

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