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Feng Shui Relationship Tips: How to Stop Making Romance Difficult

feng shui couple in love resized 600Do you find that every romantic relationship you've been in starts off well but then something shifts and every day becomes a struggle? Do you often bicker with your partner over small things that shouldn't really matter?

Take a look around your home, especially in the romance trigram of the Ba Gua map when you lay it out over your home or apartment. The romance trigram is located in the back right corner when you stand at your front door and face into your home.

The items we keep in that trigram often reflect our views on romance. If you store workout equipment, a computer used for work, or maybe even knives (if that trigram is located in your kitchen), it could be reflecting your views that every romantic relationship is hard work.

This view may have come from watching your parents struggle through their marriage or from perceptions built up by books you read or movies you watch. But you can change these perceptions. The first step is to change your surroundings so they reflect the new belief system you want to adopt: that romance does not have to be a struggle.

Consider moving your computer to the career or wealth section of your home, where the active energy may enhance these areas of your life.

Workout equipment may go better in the children and creativity trigram, or in the center of the home, which represents your health and life balance.

Then, fill your romance corner with objects that represent the type of relationship you want to have -- ones that represent a relationship where you and your partner understand each other, communication is easy, your partner is a good match for you -- without a lot of work.

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