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Feng Shui Your Relationship Corner For Attracting A Partner

feng shui for attracting a partnerFeng Shui can help you attract a partner or soulmate. The relationship corner of your bedroom or room can tell a story about your current relationship status.
Take a moment to review your bedroom and relationship  corner to see if it is telling the story you desire in your romantic relationship.
The items that we place in certain areas of our home, sometimes without realizing exactly what we are doing, tend to reflect our views on specific areas of life.

According to the Feng Shui Ba Gua, the romance trigram is the back right corner of your home when you are standing at your front door looking in.
If you are looking to find romance, what you keep in this corner could speak volumes about your attitudes on romance and exactly what is blocking you from finding the love of your life.


Let's look at three common examples and what they could mean.

Workout gear
- If you have a home gym, or simply stow an exercise bicycle, treadmill or other type of workout equipment in your romance trigram, you may have the belief that  a romantic relationship has to be hard work. 

Books - If you keep a home library or bookshelf in your romance trigram, take a look at the titles. It could mean that you need to take a more playful view of love relationships. Remember, romance should be fun.
On the other hand, if you have a bookshelf stocked with steamy romances, you're getting closer. But make sure you're not idealizing a relationship so that no real person stacks up to the heroes or heroines in your favorite books.

Computer equipment - Computer equipment emits yang chi, or very active energy. You may find your life filled with whirlwind romances but no stability. If you use your computer frequently for work or even just to pay bills, you may be approaching romance as if it's hard work or taking your pursuit of love too seriously.

Remember, your home may have three or more romance trigrams, including the romance trigram on the main level, on other levels (including upper floors and the basement) and in each room. Pay close attention to the romance trigram on the main level as well as the one in the master bedroom.

Take a look in your romance corner and see what the items there might say about your attitudes toward romance. Can you draw parallels between the chi in your romance trigram and what's going on in your life right now or what could be blocking you from finding a mate?

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