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How To Select The Best Time to Buy a House Using Feng Shui

best time to buy a houseReal estate agents agree that June and July is the best time to buy a home. Many people want to sell their homes and move before the start of the school year, and it's not too cold to move. While July gets hot in certain regions, it's not as warm as August!

The beginning and middle of the summer is also a good time to buy a home from a Feng Shui perspective. Shopping for a Feng Shui home when trees and plants are in bloom lets you evaluate:

- The life in the area -- is it positive or negative, overall?
- If any trees may block light to your home or to your front entrance, which could give the home a sense of stagnant chi and darkness. It's difficult to determine this in the winter when trees are bare.
- How the sunlight affects the rooms in your home. Does it make them warm and comfortable or too hot and too bright?

Characteristics like the shape and life of the foliage and the health of birds and other wildlife in the area are best evaluated in warmer weather. Also, dead leaves on the ground, which you find in the fall, may give a sense of dead chi that you won't find in the summer months.

If you'd like help with land or home selection, why not call for a Feng Shui consultation? I can help you find the perfect property during the perfect time to buy -- or any time of year.

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