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Feng Shui To Buy A House: Higher Price Does Not Mean Better Feng Shui

feng shui home and apartmentIf good Feng Shui is a desirable trait in buying a new home or apartment, home and apartment buyers may think that good Feng Shui would raise the value and price of a home.

After all, Feng Shui is all about the energy in a space and whether it is alive, positive and abundant, welcoming opportunity and enhancing the lives of a home's residents or not.

A home or apartment with good Feng Shui may also be surrounded by neighbors with success, romance and abundance in their lives, since the overall chi on the street or in the neighborhood contributes to good Feng Shui.

The home or apartment, itself, may also invite success in all areas of life. The home may be situated in an area with thriving businesses, good schools, and desirable landscaping, since positive energy will affect the success of the entire area. All of these factors may raise a home's value

But this is not necessarily true.

Undesirable Feng Shui in High-Priced Homes

Higher-priced homes may, in fact, have architectural features that are not considered good Feng Shui at all. For instance:

- Long, narrow corridors leading to other areas of a large home may create bottlenecks, blocking the flow of chi and opportunity

- Spiral staircases, or staircases directly in the center of the home leading out the door, may be common features in higher priced homes. These stairways may lead a home's residents to be taken advantage of, or they might cause chi to rush out of the home too quickly, taking with it wealth, opportunity and happiness.

- Larger, more expensive houses may have unused rooms with stagnant chi

How to Buy a Home with Good Feng Shui

When you are shopping for a Feng Shui home, judge each home by its floorplan, neighborhood, geographical features surrounding it, and the home's overall energy -- not the price.

Don't assume a higher-priced home will have good Feng Shui.You can find good Feng shui in small houses and reasonably priced spaces.

To be sure the home you're considering buying has good Feng Shui, consider a Feng Shui consultation. I can help you evaluate the energy of a new home you may want to buy, look at the floorplans to determine whether the home will help you achieve your goals, and find a home with good Feng shui whatever your price point.

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