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Feng Shui Teachings: Don't Make Feng Shui Too Complicated

feng shuiMany Feng Shui experts use complex formulas related to flying stars and Chinese birth dates when they offer a Feng Shui consultation. Sometimes, Feng Shui experts rely on compass directions when they lay the ba gua over a home, apartment or a plot of land.

While this form of Feng Shui certainly works, many people achieve great success with a more intuitive form of Feng Shui, called Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui or BTB Feng Shui.

Let's understand a few points: The term “black sect” does not mean it's evil or related in any way to anything negative. And “Buddhist” does not imply that you have to practice the religion to use, and see powerful results, from BTB Feng Shui. Now that that's out of the way, let's look at what BTB Feng Shui can do for you.

Sense the Energy of a Space with BTB Feng Shui

I use Feng Shui to help me understand and evaluate the overall energy in a space -- is it positive or negative? Is the space, based on my intuition, in alignment with the residents' goals? Does it feel as if chi moves freely through the space, or are there spots of “dead energy” or extreme clutter that can make the inhabitants of a home or apartment feel blocked?

Use the Ba Gua to Change Your Life

BTB Feng Shui does employ the ba gua, a map of your home, apartment or space marked by nine different sectors, or trigrams, representing different areas of your life. Looking at what we naturally keep in these nine spaces tells us a lot about a person's inner thoughts, habits and priorities. By shifting the energy in these trigrams, we can adjust the energy of a space so it can help the person live the life they dream of having.

Feng Shui Can Be Easy

Feng Shui doesn't have to be hard. You can Feng Shui your home or apartment room-by-room using my new eBook, Feng Shui Secrets. And if you find you need a hand or some expert guidance, why not contact me about a Feng Shui consultation by email, by phone or in-person?

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