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Feng Shui Display Of Kitchen Knives In Your Kitchen

Kitchen Knives feng shuiIn Feng Shui, kitchen knives are thought to be bad luck. Many believe that you should not display a knife or kitchen knives in your kitchen or on your kitchen counter. These Feng Shui Kitchen Knife tips are what we are going to discuss to see if it is true or a myth.
Feng Shui is steeped in myths and misconceptions, like:

- “It's bad luck to hang mirrors in a bedroom.” (Not true)
- “Feng Shui is all about removing clutter.” (Also not true...)

There's another Feng Shui myth, too... that knives are inherently bad luck. In other words, they should not be on display in your kitchen, and you should never give a knife as a gift. This just isn't true.

When to Display Knives

It's okay to display knives in the kitchen, where you may want them at-hand for easy reach when you are cooking. If swords or knives are collector's items, it's safe to hang them in your home.
Hanging an exotic Japanese sword in the helpful people and travel trigram of the Feng Shui ba gua, which also corresponds with the element of metal, can activate chi in that area of your home.

When (and Where) Not to Display Knives

You should never keep knives out on the countertop or hanging on the wall in your home if you have young children, obviously. Even if you think they are out of reach, young children can climb if they spot an intriguing object they want to reach.
Also, do not hang knives or swords on a wall above a desk, chair or sofa where people sit, as this can create a sense of feeling under attack and uneasiness. And keep any knives, and most metal objects, out of the bedroom, as it can interfere with your sleep.

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