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Feng Shui Family Photos In Your Home

feng shui photosAs the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.
This is especially true in Feng Shui, where we can use pictures and imagery to give a home or apartment a specific feel, activate the chi in a specific area, and remind us to live with intention.

Look around your home and ask yourself what the photos you display say about yourself, your family, your career and your relationships. 
Are most of the people in your photos smiling?

Are the photos of people those you currently associate with, or do all the pictures represent past memories?

Do the photos have lots of positive energy and show activity, or are they formal, posed and maybe a little bit serious?

You should fill your home with photos of smiling faces to make you smile every day. If the majority of your home's photographs are of people you used to know, it could mean you're living too much in the past. Go out and enjoy yourself, and take photos to mark the happy occasions. Make new memories with your current friends and family and put them on display for everyone to see.

Most importantly, ask yourself if the photos represent the person you want to be, or just a life that you find yourself settling for? Display pictures of your loved ones and yourself where you are engaging in activities you enjoy, where you are looking and acting like your “best self.”

With constant photo reminders to live every day “in the moment,” you'll find it easier to achieve your goals and live with intention.

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