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Feng Shui For Travel: Safer Summer Travel with Feng Shui

safe summer travel resized 600Are you planning your summer vacation? You can use Feng Shui to help you create a safe, enjoyable trip -- one of those vacations where everything seems to go right, from hotel and airline upgrades to perfect weather.

Follow these tips for safer and more enjoyable summer travel with Feng Shui.

1. Bring a little piece of home to your hotel room. To sleep better in your hotel room, consider bringing candles, incense, or (space permitting) your own pillow. Bringing elements from your house will make you feel more at home on the road, especially if you're planning a long trip.

2. Select your hotel room carefully. If possible, scope out the hotel in advance to make sure the bed is in the command position and there are no major Feng Shui “don'ts” going on in the room. The Internet makes it easy to see the layout of many of the rooms in a hotel. Also assess the building for good chi, including the neighborhood.

3. Rent a car that matches your chi. You'll be safer and more comfortable in a rental car that's the right color for you. A black, gray or green car may be the safest choice for a relaxing vacation, but if you're seeking adventure, you may want a red, orange or yellow car. (Just watch out for speeding tickets!)

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