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Feng Shui Wedding Gift Ideas For A Newly Married Couple

In Feng Shui, providing gifts for a newly married or wed couple is symbolic of attracting good luck, wealth, fortune and prosperity. To help the newly married couple, you can use Feng Shui to further promote health, communication and love between them with Feng Shui gifts that empower their space.
When people get married, their life goals may change. Priorities shift, and they begin to set goals as a family rather than two individuals.

A newly married couple may also be changing their residence, whether they are buying a new home or apartment together, moving in together for the first time, or simply moving to another place that is uniquely “theirs.”

If you are looking for a unique wedding gift to give your favorite bride and groom, a Feng Shui consultation or a space cleansing is the perfect way for them a couple to mark their union.


Feng Shui Consultation for a Newly Married Couple

During a Feng Shui consultation, I will:

- Discuss the goals and aspirations of the individuals and the two people as a couple.

- Make suggestions to bring their space into alignment with these goals

- Make suggestions to help them improve the flow of chi to create a healthier, happier, more peaceful living environment

Feng Shui Space Cleansing

A space cleansing is a great way to get rid of old energy as the bride and groom begin their life together. This can be especially helpful if they are moving into a home where one of them lived alone previously, or where one of them lived with a former partner.

A wedding symbolize a fresh start for a couple; a space cleansing can give the home they share that same “fresh start.”

If you know a new couple who could benefit from a Feng Shui consultation or space cleansing, contact me here for more details.

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