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Feng Shui Your Garage for Career Growth and Income Success

Feng Shui GarageFeng Shui your garage and garage entrance to improve your career growth, success and opportunities. The Feng Shui of your garage can impact how you first experience your house or home.
Follow these three easy steps to apply Feng Shui to your garage.
Once you've cleared the clutter out of your garage, you can use Feng Shui techniques to turn the space into an area that will encourage your creativity, let you pursue a hobby you enjoy, or maybe even generate an extra income.

Follow these three easy steps to apply Feng Shui to your garage.

1. Decide how your garage fits into your life purpose, goals and values.
Is it important that you reserve the greater portion of the garage to house your car? If so, you'll want to keep anything else -- including tools or sporting equipment -- off the floor by making use of walls and shelves to sort and hang items. If you don't park your car in your garage, you essentially have an additional room in your home to use however you see fit. Perhaps you want to set up an art studio, a workshop, or a place to store sporting equipment for easy access.

2. Feng Shui the front entrance.
Lay the Feng Shui ba gua over your garage, using the garage door (not the door into your home from the garage) as the front entrance. Make sure this area is free of clutter and provides an open space to enter. Also keep the door into the house open and clear. (Note that you should avoid using a garage entrance regularly as the main entryway into your home as this will slow the flow of chi around your home's real front entrance).

3. When you lay the ba gua over the space, consider what you can put in each area that relates to your goals and purpose.
Activate dormant chi with lighting in areas you need it most. Paint the walls and floor a pleasing color (or use durable floor coverings) to make the garage an area where you want to spend time.
An important element of Feng Shui is using every section of our living space to maximum advantage; once you decide how you want to use your garage, you can arrange the space so that it encourages this activity.

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