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Feng Shui For Fame & Recognition

rich and famousIs being “rich and famous” on your list of life goals? Or maybe you'd rather have wealth without the recognition. That's okay, too. But it could still pay off to use Feng Shui in the fame and recognition trigram of your home.

What Fame Means

When we think of “fame and recognition” not as celebrity, but as being acknowledged for what you do well, we can see that it may help you achieve your goals. Earning recognition could mean:

- Promotions at work, which could lead to a more fulfilling career and more money
- Kind words from people you care about
- More customers generated by word-of-mouth if you are a business owner

How to Use the Feng Shui Ba Gua to Achieve “Fame and Recognition”

feng shui ba guaWhen you use the Feng Shui ba gua on your home or apartment's layout, the fame and recognition corner is in the back center of the room. Here are some Feng Shui changes you can make to that area:

- Use an anchoring object in this trigram of the ba gua. Anchoring objects can include awards and honors you've earned, or photos of your favorite celebrities or successful people in your field of work.

- Activate the chi in the fame and recognition trigram with the color red. One Feng Shui client I consulted with added red curtains to her living room, located in the fame and recognition trigram of the ba gua, and has been getting more attention from family and friends.

- The fame trigram of the ba gua corresponds with the element of fire, so the stove (wherever it is located) also relates to your success in this area of life. Feng Shui your stove by making sure it is clean and in working order. Use all the burners regularly.

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