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Co-Sleeping: The Feng Shui of Co-sleeping with Children

feng shui childrenA blog visitor posed a question about a Feng Shui mattress in the master bedroom that I'm sure many parents wonder about.

Wisma writes:  
I am currently sleeping on a mattress without a bed frame because occasionally my kids will sleep with us and they feel more comfy lying on the floor. After reading this post, I found that sleeping on the floor is not good; is it true? If so, I would need a new bed but will still keep the old mattress. Will it affect the good feng shui? As you said, a new mattress will give new energy. Thank you for your advice.

A Bed for Better Health

I would tell Wisma that investing in a bed, or at least a headboard and bed frame, would be good Feng Shui. The bed should be elevated above the floor to permit the chi to flow beneath it. A bed on the floor can affect health and fertility. The Chinese believe that “ling,” an embryonic form of chi, resides under the bed and enters the woman's body at the time of conception.

Even if Wisma is not trying to conceive, permitting the chi to flow under and around the bed will give everyone who shares the bed a better night's sleep.

A headboard will also promote a sense of stability in the home, but a footboard is not necessary.

Of course, if you're sharing a bed with children, the children's safety is the primary concern. Soft mesh bed rails, sold at baby supply stores, can keep the children safe in the bed while still offering good Feng Shui.

A New Mattress?

Unless the mattress is more than seven years old, is uncomfortable, or Wisma senses negative energy in the room from the mattress, it's not necessary to purchase a new mattress.

Feng Shui a Child's Bedroom

While it's perfectly natural for children to gravitate to their parent's bedroom and this is okay, Wisma may want to make some changes in the children's rooms that will promote a better night's sleep in their own beds.

Make sure the children's beds are in the command position of the room, and paint the bedroom in light, soothing colors to promote yin energy. A Himalayan salt lamp gives off a soft glow that helps children who may be afraid of the dark, but will not keep them awake with harsh light. 

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