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How To Buy a Feng Shui Dining Room Table to Increase Your Income

feng shui dining room tableThe dining room or kitchen table directly relates to the abundance in our life, as well as our health. The food we lay out represents our having enough sustenance (wealth), and healthy foods make us feel better, giving us the energy we need to pursue our goals.

That's why it's important to have a table that represents good Feng Shui. In addition, a comfortable dining table encourages closer family relationships and better conversation between members of the family and during social engagments.

If you're buying a new table, follow these tips for a Feng Shui table that may help increase your income and encourage family bonding around the table.

1. Make sure the table fits the room. A Feng Shui table should permit enough room for people to walk all the way around the table without feeling cramped or tripping over chairs.

2. A Feng Shui table has no sharp corners, which can interfere with digestion and health. The best shape for a dining room or kitchen table is round or octagon, since these shapes have no beginning and no end. This will promote equality in the family or at get-togethers and dinner parties, and make everyone feel comfortable. An oval table is also okay.

3. Decorate your table with fresh fruit and fresh cut flowers. Fresh flowers introduce living chi into the space, while fresh fruit represents abundance. Use colorful, tasty, seasonal fruit of different textures to create a beautiful, ever-changing centerpiece that your family can enjoy. 

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