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Feng Shui Bedroom Furniture to Support Your Love & Sex Life

feng shui bedroom furniture

The furniture, and the arrangement of that furniture, is only one aspect of a Feng Shui home or apartment. But since you build the rest of the room around furniture pieces, it's an important part of creating a space where you feel comfortable, which allows the chi to flow, and welcomes opportunities into your life.

I discussed buying a Feng Shui bedin this post, but what about the rest of your bedroom furniture?

Feng Shui Furniture: Fit and Flow

As with buying any furniture, it's important to measure before you buy. But keep in mind, just because furniture will physically fit in a space doesn't mean it will fit well. Consider these questions:

- Is there room to walk around the bed on both sides?
- Can you open drawers comfortably, without feeling as if you don't have enough space? Your morning routine -- and the pace of your day -- can be set by how smoothly you can get dressed.
- Can you lay out furniture so no sharp corners (which emit “killing energy” or “sha chi”) are pointing at the bed?

Symmetry in the Bedroom

Whether you are in a relationship or seeking romance, laying out your bedroom furniture with a sense of symmetry will strengthen your relationship or help you find true love. Your bedroom set should include two nightstands, decorated with the same items, such as live flowers or matching lamps. Your bed should include a headboard that is symmetrical and made of one solid piece of wood or material. This creates a strong foundation for a relationship.

Feng Shui Furniture Selection in Your Bedroom for a Good Night's Sleep

Dark wood colors can help promote peace and serenity for a good night's sleep in your bedroom, but any furniture design that pleases your sense of style can fit in your Feng Shui bedroom. Remember, the bedroom is yin energy, so avoid busy patterns or bright colors, which you may find in children's bedroom furniture. 

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