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How To Feng Shui Your Living Room to Align With Your Personal Goals

feng shui living room

After the kitchen, most people spend the most time in their living room. It's the hub of activity in many homes. You can use Feng Shui anchoring objects to create a living space that is comfortable and uniquely “you.”

Follow these 7 Feng Shui tips to create a living room designed to help you achieve your goals and focus on what is most important to you and your family.

feng shui ba gua1. Hang photos of friends or mentors in the Helpful People/Travel section to encourage help in your career or personal life.

2. Put travel mementos, photos of trips you’ve taken or suitcases in a closet in the Travel section if you want to travel more.

One woman who longed to go to Europe placed a metal statue of the Eiffel Tower in the Travel & Helpful People section of the Ba Gua. A few weeks later, a business opportunity arose to travel to Paris.

A couple who collects travel brochures and keeps them in a mail sorter near the door got the opportunity to go on an all-expenses paid Alaskan cruise (traveling for business), and won a trip to Las Vegas, including flight and hotel. (Note: If your front door is in this
trigram, make sure nothing is blocking the door from opening a full 90 degrees.)

3. Place a water element with at least 2 liters of water that circulates in the Wealth corner to increase your income.

4. Display trophies, medals or other symbols of your accomplishments in the Fame and Reputation corner.

5. Place a metal object, especially one that represents children or artwork, in the Children & Creativity section to enhance your creativity in all areas of your life, or to increase your fertility. Consider putting photos of your children in metal frames.

6. Black and white photos of successful people in your career section will bring you good fortune in your work.

7. Infuse a space with life chi, such as plants or flowers. If your living room lighting is not conducive to real plants, consider silk flowers that look and feel real.

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