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Baby Room Feng Shui to Welcome a New Baby

feng shui baby

Are you getting ready to welcome a new addition into your family? If you're like many new moms and dads, you're placing a lot of focus on the nursery. A baby's nursery tends to be a tangible manifestation of a parent's love. We want to create a space of safety, comfort, and happiness for our new little one. Feng Shui can help.

I was recently called to consult for a client in a New York City suburb who was expecting her first child, after years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. Of course, the parents wanted the best of everything for the child, and this included a nursery that would soothe, welcome, and stimulate their child, setting the stage for a life of success.

I showed them exactly where to place the furniture for the best lay out to encourage the flow of chi, and offered a few more recommendations, too.

Feng Shui Colors for the Nursery

I advised pastel colors and soft hues, rather than bright, primary shades. This would create a more soothing environment for sleep. The parents painted the room light pink and pastel green.

Avoid Too Much Energy or “Scary” Animals

Many baby products manufacturers and designers today decorate baby gear with jungle themes or other animals that could be perceived as “angry.” Even if a lion is smiling, it's still a lion. The connotations these animals have do not represent positive Feng Shui for a small, helpless baby. These large animals may cause anxiety for an infant or toddler. Bright green jungle themes or deep blue ocean themes also have too much active energy for a place where baby sleeps.

Upon my recommendation, the parents-to-be decorated the nursery with flowers and butterflies to create a happy, serene space.

Crib in Command Position to Empower Your Baby

We all want to feel empowered in our life -- and this begins at birth. To give baby a sense of security and empowerment, place the crib in the command position of the room. This is exactly what these Connecticut parents did, and they are looking forward to many sleep-filled nights when their new addition arrives.

The End Result

The expectant parents' thoughts? The room feels very cozy, warm, peaceful and looks beautiful, said the mother-to-be.

If you're expecting a baby, why not have a Feng Shui consultation to get your home or apartment in order before the baby's arrival? Creating a safe, nurturing environment through Feng Shui could be just as important as babyproofing in conventional ways to give your child a head start on a life filled with success.

Contact me here for more information about a Feng Shui consultation to welcome your baby.

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