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Feng Shui Decorating: How To Wake Up Your Home With Life & Energy

feng shui dead branches resized 600Some decorators focus on incorporating “dead” objects to create a certain look in a space.

I'm not talking about leaving wilted, withering flowers to die on your dining room table just because you forgot about them.

Some objects -- tree branches, coral, potpourri made from dried flower petals -- are placed intentionally to create a certain look or mood.

But these “dead” objects may not create the mood you want. They could be draining your energy without your realizing it. They might create an uneasy feeling or even, if they are in certain areas of your home, adversely affect your health, wealth or fertility.

Replace Dead Objects with Living Chi

I recently gave a Feng Shui consultation to a client in Connecticut. The client had several decorative “dead” objects in the home. I recommended they replace tree branches and decorative coral with live plants and flowers. The home owner placed potted plants around the home and also ordered a flower service to deliver fresh cut flower arrangements once a week. This is best, if you can afford it, because you won't forget to replace the flowers and, after about a week, most fresh flowers are beginning to wither.

Fill Your Home with Life and Love

When you fill your home with living objects, they breathe life into the air, improving your energy and making you feel more comfortable in your home or apartment.

Do you have any dead objects that could be sapping your strength, hurting your health or blocking you from achieving all that you could in your home? Now's the perfect time to replace them with fresh flowers and plants.

Live plants and fresh flowers are just one of nine ancient, secret Feng Shui remedies that can help people create the life of their dreams, find balance, and attain new levels of success.

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