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Feng Shui Lighting: How To Improve Your Energy And Productivity In Rooms Full of Light

Feng Shui lighting  and lamps have an impact on your energy, passion, focus and achievements. For good Feng Shui lighting or lamps in the bedroom, living room, dining room, family room or bathroom, can improve your good luck and fortune. 
The ancient Roman physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus once said, “Live in rooms full of light.” Celsus was a doctor and author who promoted diet, exercise, massage and natural healing.

The importance of living in rooms full of light is a philosophy shared by the ancient Chinese who employed Feng Shui for good fortune -- and it works just as well today. How can you live in rooms full of light, both physically and metaphorically?

1. Choose light, bright colors for the walls in your home, and especially the entryway. A well-lit entryway painted in tones of eggshell white, beige or pastels will help welcome opportunity into your home and your life.

2. Take advantage of natural light. Open blinds on south-facing windows in the morning to welcome natural sunlight. You'll feel more awake and ready to face any challenges of the day.

3. Energize specific trigrams of the bagua, as well as stairways and your entrance, with LED lighting. Recessed LED lighting gives a bright glow that costs less in electricity than incandescent bulbs. Living with regard for the environment has always been good Feng Shui.

4. Consider setting up lights on motion sensors in your entry so they will turn on when you arrive home in the evening. You'll immediately feel welcome into your home -- and so will guests -- which creates positive chi in your environment.

5. Live “in the moment.” Living in “rooms full of light” doesn't just mean creating bright surroundings in your home. Live each day with an open mind so you'll see new opportunities and be ready to take advantage of all the ways you can improve your life.

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