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Feng Shui Mirrors Help Make a Connecticut House Feel Like Home

feng shui mirrorMany times, clients call me not to fix any specific “problems” in their life or even with specific desires in mind. They just want to optimize their living experience and make their house feel more like home.

Sometimes, they can't explain why, but they just don't feel comfortable in their space and they feel Feng Shui has the answers.

In many of these cases, a space cleansing is the first step to improving the living environment. When I consulted for a Connecticut family with a new baby on the way, I offered several tips to invite more positive chi into the home.

First, I performed a space cleansing to create a better environment to welcome their new addition. Then I spotted some examples of unfortunate Feng Shui in the space and made recommendations to adjust the flow of chi for better balance in the home.

Feng Shui Mirror to Redirect Chi

The front door was in perfect alignment with the home's main staircase -- a layout that causes problems for many people because of the rapid rushing of chi out the front door. To remedy this, I recommended they hang a large mirror at the top of the stairs.

Feng Shui Mirrors Over Fireplaces

A mirror over the fireplace in the master bedroom balances the fire element with metal for more marital harmony. With a baby on the way, it's crucial that the marriage maintains passion tempered with understanding.

Plants for Living Chi

The home also lacked additional sources of living chi, which would help ensure a healthy pregnancy and continued good health for the baby and parents. I recommended that my client add live plants to specific areas of the home and place topiaries on all the mantels.

The End Result?

I will let my client, who wishes to remain anonymous, share their thoughts: “We have followed all the recommendations and we are very happy with how the house feels now. Once he was finished with the space cleansing, we felt a difference as soon as we walked in the house.”

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