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Feng Shui Productivity: How To Get Motivated To Complete Any Project

motivationAre you facing a project that you know will lead you to great success, but you can't get started on it and you don't know why?

People are motivated by two things: pain and pleasure. To put it another way, you might fear the consequences if you don't get the job done, or you might be looking forward to a reward after you finish.

Once you figure out which one motivates you more, punishment or reward, you can put yourself in situations where you face that form of motivation regularly. You can also create this motivation internally, even when you're not answering to anyone else.

Punish Yourself

If you're most motivated to avoid punishment, think of the negative consequences if you don't finish a project. This might be the soundtrack that runs through your mind:

- I could lose my job.
- I will be stuck in the same rut forever.
- People (or a specific person) won't like me.

These aren't things you want to tell yourself on a regular basis, but, for many people, it is what motivates them to make positive changes.

Reward Yourself

Rewards are easy. Think of the great feeling of success you'll have after you achieve your goal. You might also use tangible rewards: a shopping trip, a special meal, a day at the beach.

Now Do It

Once you've determined what motivates you, you hold the key to accomplish anything you desire. Now, set goals and go achieve them!

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