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3 Ways a New Feng Shui Bed Can Improve Your Life

feng shui bedIs a new mattress, or maybe a whole new bedroom set, part of your plans for spring cleaning? New mattresses aren't inexpensive, but they are worth the investment.

Here are three ways a new bed can help you look and feel better, and maybe even help you attract romance into your life.

1. New mattress = new energy. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, and, as you sleep, your mattress absorbs your energy. As people, we are constantly changing. You are not the same person you were yesterday or even five minutes ago. With each moment is a new opportunity to re-create yourself. When we purchase a new mattress, we are getting rid of the old energy that may not have served us to welcome new creative ideas and opportunities into our life.

2. Get a better night's sleep so you are healthier and have the strength to live in the moment and pursue your goals with vigor. We often don't realize that our old mattress is not providing optimal support for a good night's sleep until we get a new mattress and see the difference. Awake refreshed and energized on a new mattress.

3. Clear out old energy and invite new love into your life. It's especially important to purchase a new mattress after a painful break-up or the break-up of a long-term relationship. Symbolically, you are clearing the old romance out of your life to welcome a new love.

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