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Feng Shui Law of Attraction: Embrace Abundance to Live Your Best Life

abundanceYou may have heard the phrase “like attracts like.” This means we attract people with traits similar to our own. It also means that the more we focus on something, the more of it we will attract into our life.

It's like when you're shopping for a car or a specific designer purse or pair of shoes. Once you decide you're going to make a specific purchase, you begin to see that particular item everywhere. Your energy is in alignment with that object and it's in your consciousness.

Don't Let Jealousy Sabotage You

Many people unwittingly sabotage their efforts to attract abundance by reacting with jealousy or resentment when they hear about someone else's success. Those feelings of: “It should have been me,” or “If she has it, I won't get any,” is related to a sense of lack. When we feel lack, we attract more of that emotion into our life. The cycle continues and we don't attract enough of whatever it is we desire.

Embrace Success Wherever You See It

Instead, you can turn those thoughts of jealousy around to create a positive experience. Show gratitude and happiness for other people's success. The Universe has an endless supply of everything to go around. When we embrace success, wealth and abundance wherever we see it, we attract more of it in our own lives.

Can you think of an example where you could have welcomed abundance by reacting with genuine pleasure at someone else's good news?

Start today by looking for opportunities to embrace abundance in every form and share them in the comments below.

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