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Feng Shui Home Buying Tips: Focus on Preventing, Not Fixing

feng shui home buyingIn Feng Shui, we often say it's better to begin with positive energy than to implement remedies.

This is especially true in situations when someone is using Feng Shui to help them make a choice in buying a house.

That's why it's best to look for a home with good Feng Shui than to remedy unfavorable layouts or to try to improve the flow of chi. That's not to say there aren't Feng Shui fixes available if you believe your home is not in alignment with your goals, but it's best to take Feng Shui into consideration when you first begin looking for a house.

Ask yourself these three questions when you begin evaluating homes for potential purchase:

1. Will the layout of the home encourage you to pursue what you really want in life? If you want a large family, you wouldn't want to buy a home with only two bedrooms, as this wouldn't fit the life you want to live. If you are focused on a home business, you may prefer a house with a home office in the wealth or career trigram of the ba gua. Someone who loves cooking may want a specific kitchen layout.

2. How is the overall energy in the home? Even if a home's layout is perfect, it may have negative or dead chi, exemplified by factors like dead grass, dead or dying shrubs, and an overall depressed mood.

3. What are your goals and life dreams? Will your home and the neighborhood assist you in achieving your goals or do you see ways that it may block you?

A professional Feng Shui consultant can help you evaluate any home before purchase, or even help you pinpoint exactly what you want in a home to help you fulfill your true life purpose. Contact me here to find out more about a consultation.

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