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Feng Shui Apartment Rental: 3 Things to Look At Before You Rent An Apartment

apartment rental resized 600Are you shopping around for a new apartment to call home? If you're a regular reader of this blog, you are probably thinking about employing Feng Shui in your apartment selection.

Before you even get down to assessing the Feng Shui of the specific apartment unit, there are other aspects you want to consider.

1. Does the neighborhood have good chi? Early in your process of shopping for a new apartment, look at different neighborhoods and decide if the chi is favorable and the area is a place where you will be happy. Having a school nearby can generate positive, active chi. If there are lots of businesses, are they thriving? You want to avoid living near too many closed down, abandoned stores. Nearby churches can offer positive, uplifting chi, but they may be too serene or inactive during the week, which could generate too much stagnant chi.

2. Is the building favorable? Is the building itself in good condition? What about neighboring buildings? How do you feel when you first see the apartment complex? After you step inside, do you sense the same chi as outside?

3. How does your particular unit make you feel? If you've decided both the apartment building and the surrounding neighborhood give you a sense of active, lively chi that will invigorate you everyday, evaluate the particular unit you're considering. Does the layout support your life purpose? Does the apartment unit exhibit traits of favorable Feng Shui, like a wide open front entryway and the master bedroom in the back half of the home?

A professional Feng Shui consultant can help you evaluate potential apartments before you make your choice. I can even work with your real estate agent to help you find the best apartment for you, right now.

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