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Feng Shui Meditation Room To Set Aside Time for Yourself

feng shui meditationIn a post earlier this year, I suggested creating a meditation room in your home where you can retreat to relax and rejuvenate yourself in the morning, at night before bed, or anytime during the day.

This retreat should be painted in deep shades of blue, green, red, yellow or even black to promote concentration. You can activate the wisdom and self-cultivation trigram of the Ba Gua in this room with live plants or even a Himalayan salt lamp, which gives off soft, pleasing shades of light and is designed to purify and cleanse the air, infusing it with positive chi.

Five Minutes to Better Health

You don't want to create stagnant chi in this important room by neglecting it. Once you've created the sanctuary of your dreams, use it every day. Even if you can only set aside five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening, you'll see positive results from using this time for yourself.

Meditation can be as simple as clearing your mind and sitting quietly for several minutes. Every time a thought comes into your mind, try to focus on the space between the words, instead. Each time your mind goes there, you'll find it becomes easier.

Of course, if you have even more time you're willing to devote to self-cultivation, there are many things you can do in your meditation room:

- Journal
- List all the things you're grateful for
- Learn and recite longer meditations
- Practice tai chi or do a calming yoga pose

The important thing is to not let your meditation room sit unused. When you open this time in your life and make it your intention to take just 10 minutes a day to meditate, you'll find you have more energy and your mind will be clearer, too.

If you don't yet have a meditation room, choose any relaxing, quiet, and private space in your home to take time for yourself.

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