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3 Steps to a Feng Shui Flower Garden

feng shui flower garden

Do you want to infuse your environment with life chi, “fill in” a missing section of your yard, or empower a specific trigram of the Feng Shui Ba Gua for greater health, wealth, creativity, respect or happiness?

A Feng Shui flower garden can do all this, and more, and right now is the best time to plant! Follow these three easy steps for the garden of your dreams, whether you have a large suburban yard on Long Island or Connecticut or just a small flower box in your New York City apartment.

1. Get rid of old, dead plants, flowers, leaves and debris. Clear out the old and till the soil for best results in your garden. This clears the space of dead energy or bad chi and creates a fertile environment for your new plants to grow.

2. Choose your plants well. When you select plants and flowers for your garden, research to find out which varieties will do best in your region and climate. If you don't perceive yourself to have a green thumb, you have two choices. You can change that perception by reading books on gardening or taking a course and determine that you will have a successful garden, or just select hearty plants that grow well with little care.

When you choose your flowers, keep in mind the various colors and blooming times in order to create an aesthetically pleasing garden that will also empower the Ba Gua trigrams through the use of color. You can read my Feng Shui guide to flowers.

3. Plant and tend your garden with love, care and intention. People who are passionate about gardening talk about having a true connection with the earth and flowers. Rather than looking at your garden as just another chore, consider it a way to reconvene with nature and show love to other living things that, in turn, add beauty, power, and life chi to your surroundings.

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