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Cook Dinner At Home for a Romantic Valentine's Day

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Are you looking for a unique idea for a Valentine's Day date? Why not skip the crowded restaurant scene and have a nice, romantic dinner at home? Using your stove is good Feng Shui, as it gets the energy flowing in that area of your home and reflects your income opportunities, fame and reputation. So, if you want to be popular with the opposite sex, you really can win someone's heart with a home-cooked meal.

Make Food Prep Easy and Stress-Free

To set the stage for your romantic dinner, plan something easy. You don't want stress over food prep to ruin your mood before the night even begins. Whether it's lobster, stir fry or a pasta dish (make sure to keep it light so you're not too stuffed for after-dinner festivities), create a plan for cooking that will keep it simple.

Select Colorful Foods

Bright, colorful foods are healthy and look more appealing on the plate. Don't weigh things down in heavy sauces, and pick a variety of fresh vegetables of different colors for a meal that's as attractive as your date. Finish off with fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate for a sensual, sense-tingling dessert. Check out this article for more tips about Feng Shui foods.

Set the Right Feng Shui Mood from Start to Finish

Set the table with classy black and white linens with splashes of red for color (and passion). Consider placing red roses on the table, but keep them cut short so they don't obstruct your view of each other. You can dine by unscented candlelight for a truly romantic mood.

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