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What is the Desired Outcome?

Desired Outcome MeaningDesired outcomes in Feng Shui can help you set your intentions to achieve your goals, results or outcomes. A desirable outcome helps you gain clarity, energy and focus towards what you seek to achieve.
This comes down to what you really want and the actions you take to achieve your outcome.
When we say we'd like more money, a new car or a new home, the material things are only part of what we want. What we really want is the feeling having those things evokes in us.
Before you set a goal, ask yourself: “What is my desired outcome? What do I really hope to get from this?”

- If you want a new job, maybe you really want greater fulfillment in a career that lets you help other people or apply your talents in better ways

- If you want a lot of cash, is it so you don't have to worry about being able to pay the bills, or so you can travel whenever you want, or work less and spend more time with your family

- If you want a new car, do you crave the status a luxury vehicle brings or the convenience of having a car that will get you from point A to point B without worrying about your clunker breaking down

Money Equals...

To many people, having money or material things evokes feelings of:
- Security
- Comfort
- Prestige/Status
- Fun
- Relaxation
- Power

How Can You Achieve Your Intention?

When you pinpoint the end result, what you really desire, you can look for other ways to achieve that feeling that are within your means right now. For instance:

- You may volunteer for a charity if you seek greater fulfillment from your career

- You may create a budget so you get a better handle on your bills, ask for flexible hours at work to spend more time with your family, or find fun things to do that don't cost a lot of money

- You might fix up your old car to make it look nice and run more reliably

Live “as if”

Once these emotional desires are fulfilled, we begin living as if we have what we already desire. That's when even greater things will come to us in the universe -- including money -- is energy. When we have positive feelings about things in our life, whether it is money, love or our career, we will attract more things that bring us positive feelings, because like attracts like.

That's why when things go bad, it seems like a snowball effect, rolling rapidly down a hill and picking up momentum as it goes, and when things go well, they continue to do so, growing and spreading to other people in our life.

When we define the end result that we want to achieve, live with intention, and work toward our goals, we truly can achieve everything we want in life and more.

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