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Feng Shui For Weight Loss: Lose Weight In 4 Easy Ways

Feng Shui for Weight LossFeng Shui for weight loss is an important part of caring for your mind, body and spirit. Losing weight is not just about how you look, but also about how you feel.
It can impact your confidence, certainty and decision making. Take a look at these Feng Shui tips for Weight Loss to help you.

You can use Feng Shui methods to encourage weight loss, and to raise your own chi as well as the chi in your home, which will give you more energy to exercise and pursue your goals.

Clear the clutter - Nothing weighs people down -- literally and figuratively -- more than clutter in the home. This includes clutter you can't see, in closets, basements, attics or garages. If tackling all the clutter at once is too overwhelming, begin with the kitchen. A clutter-free kitchen will feel fresh and light, encouraging you to want to feel the same way.

Most importantly, rid the kitchen of all those foods you know are no good for you -- sodas, chips, sweets and anything that makes you want to overeat. Then, give the kitchen a thorough cleaning.

Surround Yourself with Healthy Foods
- Stock the pantry with bright, colorful foods, that complement each other. If you have any specific health concerns, you may want to eat foods that offer Feng Shui treatments for these problems.

Additionally, keep fresh fruit with a variety of colors in plain sight, where you can grab whenever hunger strikes. You can also keep fresh herbs on the counter in decorative containers. You'll be reminded that you don't need excess amounts of salt and white sugar to make food taste good, and the fresh herbs will be close at hand when you need them for recipes.
Fresh herbs like thyme and basil or those found in a curry provide strong, pleasing flavors. To learn more, check out The Best Feng Shui Foods for Your Heart, Lungs and More.

Colors to Curb Your Appetite - The best colors for a kitchen are blue, which curbs the appetite, or fresh white, a color of purity. Avoid green, which stimulates the appetite, and any of the colors that correspond with the fire element, such as red or orange.

Black tablecloths, black place mats or even black plates make food look less appealing, so you'll eat less and lose weight. There's less contrast of a food's bright colors against a black backdrop.
Additionally, black dampens your inner chi -- as opposed to bright colors, which make you feel more energized -- so you won't feel like eating as much.

Place your food on smaller plates, too, so your plate will look fuller than usual and you'll trick yourself into thinking you're eating more.

Wear white
- Contrary to fashion advisors everywhere, Feng Shui Master Lin Yun recommends that heavy people who want to lose weight dress in all white.

The reasoning is simple
: White clothes really do make  people look heavier. This will serve as a reminder of the need to lose weight and inspire people to take the steps to make that happen.

White clothes also force the wearer to slow down with every bite, to avoid spilling or dropping food on their pure white outfit.

An ancient Indian proverb states: “Drink your food, chew your drink.” Literally, it means you should chew your food enough to liquify it, while thoroughly tasting your drink (in the manner of chewing food) before swallowing. In essence, slow down to enjoy the entire dining experience, and use these Feng Shui tips to enhance your weight loss efforts based on a sound diet and daily exercise.

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