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Mind / Body Communication To Remove Unhealthy Habits

Not listening to your body's healthy signals accelerates aging and is the root cause of many illnesses. When your body is expressing a healthy need but your mind refuses to listen, imbalances begin, and the seeds of mind/body disintegration are sown. Here are several common examples of mind/body communication breakdown.

- Your body is tired and needs to sleep; your mind overrides this need in order to watch a late-night television show.

- Your body is full at the end of a meal; your mind insists on returning to the buffet for another helping of dessert.

- Your body need to eat; your mind insists that you have to work through lunch.

- Your body is calling you to empty your bladder; your mind refuses to leave your seat in the middle of a movie.

- Your body is asking to stretch; your mind refuses to disturb the other passengers in your airplane row.

Start listening to the signals from your body and honoring those that are health-promoting. You know which signals are good for you and which come from unhealthy habits. Whenever there is a conflict between your physical need and your mental or emotional ones, ask yourself a simple question: Will fulfilling this need help me grow younger and live longer?

If the answer is yes, fulfill the need. If the answer is no, because you recognize that the behavior is potentially harmful, pass. If due to a habit or addiction, the impulse is so strong that it overrides your better judgment, perform the action with full awareness and attention in your body.

Consciously witness your choice without harshly judging yourself. If you are meditating regularly and are witnessing your choices, you will soon find that fewer impulses arise to create conflict between your mind and body.

- Grow Younger, Live Longer by Deepak Chopra

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