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The 5 Feng Shui Principles That Unlock Incredible Breakthroughs In Your Business, Relationships & Life...

Unique insights for female entrepreneurs, executives and business owners!

Do you believe tests and experts can tell us what our true potential is, what we are capable of and how that will predict our future? When you are i

Interested in camping in style? I'd have to rate these BubbleTree tents , created by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas, as pure positive Feng Sh

To help us understand that we are not what we are thinking Buddhist teachings make a distinction between what is called Big Mind or Natural Mind and

There's a Zen story in which a man is enjoying himself on a river at dusk He sees another boat coming down the river toward him At first it seems

Breathing in breathing out feeling resentful feeling happy being able to drop it not being able to drop it eating our food brushing our teeth walking

Complaining and explaining are the two huge allies of excuse making Generally speaking when you resort to complaining you employ an excuse of one

When you completely accept this moment when you no longer argue with what is the compulsion to think lessens and is replaced by an alert stillness

Consider what you wanted to have in this life as if it behind a locked door Examine what you have been telling yourself about the prosperity

The Tao begot one One begot two Two begot three And three begot the ten thousand things The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang

There are many subtle but easily overlooked forms of ego that you may observe in other people and more important in yourself Remember The momeny you