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Why Family Photos In The Bedroom is Bad Feng Shui

A common Feng Shui bedroom mistake is displaying photos of family, friends and children in the bedroom. In Feng Shui, this is considered a big No No.

The bedroom is for two things and they both start with the letter "S." Consider your bedroom to be your personal oasis and romantic hideaway that should encourage intimacy, romance and communication. A place that is nourishing where you can rest, revitalize and reflect.

Photos, pictures or images of single people in the bedroom can indicate loneliness. It's possible to feel lonely and insecure even if you're married. To correct this, hang a picture of a couple or display pairs of objects.

Some believe that pictures of children or relatives may appear to be staring at you and cause additional anxiety, worry or lack of focus. Others believe that it will cause your mind to be thinking of others when it should be focused on you, your companion and your beauty rest.

I personally have experienced a different situation with regards to family photos. I recently was providing a Feng Shui consultation for a client that had 50 photos of family members directly opposite the bed. Energetically, it felt like static electricity on the body or similar to what you may feel when you have a balloon close to your arm.

Out of all the photos on the wall, one picture stood out to me and had a very strong energy around it that I could feel. I asked my client about the photo and why this particular family photo may be giving off such a heavy energy. The response was that photo contained relatives from the other side of the family and they never liked all the others on the wall.

If you're not truly ready to remove all the photos of family, friends and children in the bedroom, I recommend that you just try removing them for a week and see how your bedroom and the space feels.
Consider replacing those photos with loving pictures of you and your companion. If you're not currently seeing anyone, consider adding pairs of items or fresh flowers in the bedroom.

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