If you've had success in many areas of your life. But still have a persistent problem, you're about to discover why.

It doesn't matter if your goal is to attract more money. Or to find the right kind of relationship. To climb up the career ladder or just overcome what's got you stuck.

You're about to find a real solution to...

describe the imageBecome a Money Magnet

describe the image Attract Passionate Love

describe the imageJump-Start Your Career

describe the imageGet Unstuck In Your Current Situation and Life

describe the image Improve your marriage or existing relationship

  describe the imageOvercome Obstacles, Fear & Self-Doubt

describe the imageOpen Your Creativity Flood Gates

describe the image Experience Balance, Peace & Harmony

describe the image Improve Your Family, Friend and Work Relationships

describe the imageCleanse & Remove Stagnant Energy Of The Past To Welcome New Opportunities In The Future

The Amazing Things You'll Experience With Feng Shui

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  • Deep feeling that you're getting your life back on track and reconnecting with your true-self. Living each day with more joy and gratitude than you ever dreamed possible.

  • A magnetic attraction to wealth and success so that you can make a difference in the world.

  • Career opportunities start to arise automatically. And doors will open that you never expected.

  • Attracting the kind of relationship and partner that is actually perfect for you. And you'll know it by the end of your first date.

  • You'll uncover hidden challenges that sabotage your success. And a simple shift that will eliminate this overnight.

  • A profound mind-body connection that revitalizes your energy, health and passion for life everyday. So you can go after your dreams to live your ultimate life.

  • Wake in the morning with a sense of peace and purpose. And take that with you throughout your day.

  • Flow freely towards your goals so that accomplishing them becomes effortless.

  • Easily overcome any feelings of bad luck or negativity around you or those you love.

  • A deeper connection with who you are and what you're truly capable of.

  • If you believe that you're not living up to your true potential. All that is about to change. 

"Ken, Can You Tell Me More About
How We're Going To Work Together?"






Create A Crystal-Clear Vision For Your Goals & Results


If you want to improve your love life or focus on making more money, this first step is going to be absolutely critical.

I will help you uncover the questions of where you are today. And where you really want your life to be. A life filled with love, abundance, happiness and peace. 

So we can create an action plan to achieve them.

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Share A Snapshot Of Your Lifepicture takingv2

You will take and share specific photos of your space.

This way I can begin to map out and understand your current blockages.

Then I'll show you how to eliminate the blockages from your space and life.

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We'll Talk About What Each Photo Reveals About Your Situation

laptopAfter you send the photos, we will talk on the phone for 60 minutes. 

This is where we'll uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success. We will review every detail.

I'll be making some simple suggestions that you can make that will produce big results.

You'll leave the consultation renewed, reenergized and inspired to take action.

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Learn From The True Source Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultant Ken Lauher with His Holiness Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche

Feng Shui can drive people crazy. Every time they read a new book, they never know what to expect. End up changing something that a previous book told them to do.

Or your friends want to give you advice that they once hear. And now you have three problems. First, you have to figure out how to implement their advice. Second, you now have a lot of weird looking things in your space with everyone asking why. And third, you sabotage your own decorating taste.

Next thing you know, your home looks like a shop in China town. And then, when your situation never improves, you throw everything away because you're tired of purchasing items that drain your bank account and that makes your place look like a cheap souvenir shop.

That's the way it was for me. And now those days are over...

In the late 90's I ran a successful brokerage firm on Wall Street. I noticed I started paying attention to my level of stress. And how my work was changing me as a person. I needed change in my life. I quit the brokerage firm to create a networking organization for small business owners and entreprenuers.

During that time, my bank account sank faster than a boulder racing to the bottom of the ocean. I started to detach from the world. I started to become depressed and stayed indoors for days.

And then it happened...

I was mugged at gun point. This put me in a tail spin. I had severe anxiety after that. My relationships were suffering and I no longer had energy or passion to do anything.

I knew I needed to change. That's when I decided to take action.

I connected and learned from the top Feng Shui masters in the world. I then enrolled in a 3 year Feng Shui Masters Training Program. And let me tell you something. It was a whole new world.

I scrapped everything that I believed I new about Eastern philosphy, meditation, Feng Shui and began to use my new found knowledge. I began applying it to my own life. I then felt again what is was like to experience true joy, happiness, harmony, wealth, abundance and rewarding relationships again.

You see, what my clients learn and experience is what His Holiness GrandMaster Lin Yun Rinpoche said, "Feng Shui is about using all of our available knowledge to create the most comfortable and supportive living and working environment." I balance the yin and yang energy of your space so that you can experience the natural flow of energy. And with that comes opportunities in love, wealth, health, energy and more.

BlessingFromLinYunRinpocheI am one of the few that was fortunate enough to become a direct disciple of His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche.

He was considered to be one of the foremost Feng Shui Grandmasters in the world. Many claimed he was a living Buddha
. And is responsible for bringing Feng Shui to the United States.

After weeks, months and years of slaving away with learning, studying and experiencing Feng Shui, I struck the mother lode of gold. Consultation after consultation I was providing serious life-changing experiences for my clients. And that's when the phone calls started.

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Connecting The Dots . . .

describe the imageOne of the most valuable take-aways from a Feng Shui consultation is when you begin to see and understand the direct correlation between your space and your life. As we move through the virtual walk-though session, I'll provide insight into how the different areas of your life are mapped in each area of your space. And then share with you how each of these areas in your current space is telling a story.

An example of this, I was working with a female executive who is wildly successful in her career but was having challenges in her love life. She shared with me how each man she dated seemed like a boy and that she had to constantly take care of them and felt like a nurse to them.

When I looked at the relationship corner in her bedroom, I saw a custom piece of art a friend gave her that had a large picture of a woman, a very small picture of a man and the word nurse painted over it. She was shocked when I pointed out the correlation. We made a simple change in her space and she started dating higher-quality men and the problem was gone.

This is just one example of how each space tells a story. You'll begin to understand what story your space is telling and how you can empower it to tell the story you desire.

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Activate & Empower - A Special Gift For You

special feng shui giftNow that we've mapped out your space and understand the blockages or story your space is telling, it is time to activate specific areas of your space that coordinate with your ultimate goals.

You will receive a special gift from me personally to get you started on the path to Feng Shui success and personal change.

This special gift may be a beautiful living plant or a clear, round Faceted Swarovski Feng Shui Crystal ball to empower the area you are most focused on improving in your life. The special gift will be determined at the time of the virtual consultation so that it is tailored to your current situation and what will be most effective for you.

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Follow-Up Support

Q aEveryone one always has questions. To help you fine tune your space to meet and exceed your goals once you begin implementation, you will receive 3 follow-up Q & A email sessions.

This enables you to verify that you are carrying out the action items in the proper manner and help you stay on track.

We can discuss colors that you've selected, furniture or decor items that you would like me to review or even a recap on certain areas if you were unclear about the steps.

"Ken, Are There Any Bonuses
if I Take Action Today?"


Using Color To Change Your Life Report

One of my most popular topics and material, this special 3-part Feng Shui Report provides:

describe the imageTips on how to use color to achieve specific goals.

describe the imageA room-by-room guide on the best colors for the rooms in your home or apartment.

describe the imageFeng Shui colors to jump-start your career.
Color Special Report 3d resized 600
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Quick-Start Guide

This incredibly useful Quick Start Feng Shui guide will help you implement 12 easy changes to your home and surrounding environment right away. Inside the Guide you'll discover:

describe the imageThe fastest, easiest way to lay the Ba Gua over any space.

describe the image Small changes you can make in three areas of your home that will make a huge difference in your fortune and success.

describe the image What could be blocking opportunities from entering your life and a simple change you can make to dramatically increase your income.

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Audio Recording of Ken Lauher's "Meditations for Personal Empowerment"

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Audio Recording of Ken's Best Selling eBook, "Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How To Be Successful With Feng Shui"

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Woman Hugging Monitor

"Ken, How Can I Schedule a 1-On-1 Feng Shui Consultation With You if I Live In Another Country?"

Don't settle for a second-rate consultant because you're bound to a local person.

If they start recommending you buy different kinds of Feng Shui trinkets, you should part ways right then.

Get America's Premier Feng Shui Consultant to get it done right the first time.

The Ultimate Feng Shui Makeover package includes a 60-minute one-on-one phone consultation (or via skype if located outside of the United States). I can help you regardless of where you're located.


I'll Record The Call For You

You WILL leave our Ultimate Feng Shui Makeover call with so much information, you'll be afraid you won't remember it all. And you won't be able to write or type at the speed you'd need to get every word down.

Because I don't want you to miss a minute of our session, I want you to be able to listen and focus throughout our entire call, I'll send you, free of charge, a download link of a recording of our session so you can listen to it over and over.

You'll gain new insight, and even find more changes you can make in your space to bring it into positive alignment, every time you listen.

"Ken, Remind Me Again, What All Is
Included With The 1-on-1 Feng Shui Consultation?"
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  • We schedule a One-on-One 60 minute phone consultation with Feng Shui expert Ken Lauher.

  • 3 email follow-up sessions with Ken where you can get your questions answered

  • Ken's "Feng Shui Secrets" eBook - to help you better understand the principles behind Feng Shui

  • Audio Recording of your one-on-one consultation for easy reference

  • No hassle, money back guarantee offered at the end of your session if you feel like the items we discuss are not going to help you reach your goals.

    Plus These Fast Action Bonuses – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  • BONUS #1: Quick-Start Guide To Feng Shui
  • BONUS #2: Exclusive recording Ken's Feng Shui Secrets eBook
  • BONUS #3: Exclusive meditations for personal empowerment

"Ken, I Want You To Feng Shui My Space!
I'm READY To Live My Best Life Full-Out with No Excuses!"

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