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Numerology Name Grader Helps Business Owners Select the Best Company Name

Posted on Tue, Aug, 04, 2009

Celebrity Feng Shui consultant Ken Lauher has launched the Numerology Name Grader at

The Numerology Name Grader uses the science of numerology to determine whether a particular name will be auspicious (favorable or prosperous) for a company. In numerology, each letter represents a number. The numbers then represent different traits that individuals or businesses possess.

Visitors to the site can use the free Numerology Name Grader to find the best selections for:

-    Business names
-    Product names
-    Individual names
-    Baby names
-    Pet names… and more!

The name is the first thing people learn about a business. Marketing and business gurus agree that good business names share several traits. Good names are:

-    short but distinctive
-    easy to remember, spell and pronounce
-    descriptive, so people will know a little about your business just from the name

But there's one important aspect people--even those in the business of naming companies--often neglect. How auspicious is the name?

The Numerology Name Grader describes a company's strengths and weaknesses. The Name Grader can even predict a company's overall chances for success--based on the name alone!

Users can input multiple names to compare results and pick the name that will provide the best fortune.

"Business owners should not dismiss ancient Eastern tools such as Feng Shui and numerology when they are launching a company," says the Name Grader founder Ken Lauher. "People have used these time-tested strategies to build wealth and create successful businesses for centuries. Now, the Internet makes it easy for anyone to determine the most auspicious name before launching a new endeavor."  


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A one-time stockbroker on Wall Street, Co-Founding Partner of a Retail Brokerage firm, managing owner of a Thoroughbred Race Horse Management Company, and marketing specialist, he now understands that his purpose is to help individuals experience a better quality of life through Feng Shui.

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