How To Feng Shui Your Hotel Room For A Stress-Free Stay

Want to have the most fun on your  vacations? You can use Feng Shui tips to have a more relaxing, enjoyable vacation this year, and it starts with where you stay.

Just as your home may either be in alignment with your true self or may be out of alignment, so it feels as if your environment is blocking you from achieving your goals, your hotel room is a home-away-from-home on vacation and can create the same effect.

While there are limited modifications you can make to a hotel room, you can use your knowledge of Feng Shui to select a hotel room that could contribute to your peace and enjoyment on the road. Good news. Most hotel rooms have inherently good Feng Shui in that they are designed to be relaxing, open and airy. Have you ever seen a cluttered hotel room? (Before you get in and dump your bags, of course!)

But here are three things to consider when you select a Feng Shui hotel room:

1. Look for a Feng Shui bed in the command position of the room.
 If you can get a room with a bed in the command position, this is ideal. Also, look for a solid headboard so that, even on vacation, you'll feel a sense of being on stable ground and able to sleep well so you can enjoy yourself all day.

2. Look for a Feng Shui hotel building.
A Feng Shui hotel building will be located on a friendly street with lots of living chi. Assess the quality of the shrubbery, flowers, trees, grass and other life around the hotel room. What's the neighborhood like? The second you step out of the hotel lobby and on to the street, will you be able to begin the vacation of your dreams, because the area possesses the traits you're looking for? For instance, if you want a serene, peaceful vacation, you may look for a beachside resort with a view of the ocean. If you hope for excitement and adventure, your Feng Shui hotel choice should be on a street bustling with life. Whatever you're looking for, make sure the hotel and surrounding area has a general feel of positive energy.  

3. Keep your hotel room clean for a stress-free vacation.
Clutter can create stress in our minds and in our lives. Make use of the closet and dresser drawers to store your clothes if that will make it easier than rooting through your suitcase and tossing outfits on the floor every time you want to get dressed. Discard of trash (such as food packaging) immediately; don't wait for housekeeping. It's true you're on vacation, but if you keep your hotel room neat, you'll feel better when you're in it and be free to pursue the perfect vacation you envisioned.
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Feng Shui Vacation: Become Someone Else This Summer

Since the time we were kids and summer meant leaving our old class, teacher and school behind to become someone completely new, and return a year older in the fall, summer has been a time for re-inventing ourselves.

Most of us won't get to leave our careers and co-workers for the entire summer, but you can use your summer vacation as a way to re-charge your batteries and give yourself a Feng Shui makeover. Here's how.

Decide who you want to be and live “as if.”

Before you embark on your life-changing summer adventure, make a list of the traits you'd like to possess every day of your life. This is similar to goal-setting, but you're actually setting goals for your attitude and beliefs. Then live “as if” you have those qualities. When you're on vacation and surrounded by strangers, you're not bound by the perceptions that your friends and family have of you. You can be anyone you want and no one will know any different.

Pack your positive attitude.

If you hit the road expecting stellar service and a great experience, the chances are good that you'll get it.  If you tend to look on the dark side, leave that part of yourself at home. Better yet, lose it at the airport when you get on the plane and don't bring it back.

Bring home a souvenier as an anchoring object.

It doesn't have to be expensive, even a bit of sand in a water bottle can be a reminder of your vacation and the person you were during your trip. Or maybe you want to spend a lot of money and buy a really fabulous piece of artwork native to the locale. Whatever you decide, place your souvenier in the travel trigram of the Feng Shui ba gua. Every time you see it, remember that you do possess the qualities you had on your vacation and continue to live every day as your best self.
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Feng Shui For Travel: Safer Summer Travel with Feng Shui

Are you planning your summer vacation? You can use Feng Shui to help you create a safe, enjoyable trip -- one of those vacations where everything seems to go right, from hotel and airline upgrades to perfect weather.

Follow these tips for safer and more enjoyable summer travel with Feng Shui.

1. Bring a little piece of home to your hotel room. To sleep better in your hotel room, consider bringing candles, incense, or (space permitting) your own pillow. Bringing elements from your house will make you feel more at home on the road, especially if you're planning a long trip.

2. Select your hotel room carefully. If possible, scope out the hotel in advance to make sure the bed is in the command position and there are no major Feng Shui “don'ts” going on in the room. The Internet makes it easy to see the layout of many of the rooms in a hotel. Also assess the building for good chi, including the neighborhood.

3. Rent a car that matches your chi. You'll be safer and more comfortable in a rental car that's the right color for you. A black, gray or green car may be the safest choice for a relaxing vacation, but if you're seeking adventure, you may want a red, orange or yellow car. (Just watch out for speeding tickets!)
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Feng Shui Remedies for Successful Travel

Are you traveling soon?

If you've already taken steps to employ Feng Shui remedies in your home for comfort and success, you may not even want to leave!

But you can use easy Feng Shui remedies on the road to help your travel adventure go smoothly and also to adjust the chi in a space for greater comfort.

Feng Shui Hotel Rooms
Fortunately, many hotel rooms (whether they realize it or not) practice good Feng Shui, with a neat, clean layout that permits the chi to flow through the space, and soothing colors conducive to a good night's sleep.

Just as at home, the important thing to consider is having the bed in the command position of the room. Hopefully, the bed will be already situated this way. It's best to scope this out, however, before you even book a hotel room. Most online travel sites show photos of “representative rooms” at different hotels.

Most hotel rooms have large windows, sometimes floor-to-ceiling. If your room faces south, you may want to keep these blinds closed to avoid letting in too much yang energy and bright sunlight.

If your hotel room is located in a city and over a busy street, again, close the blinds to keep the environment as “yin” as possible. When you're on vacation or even a business trip, you want to get a good night's sleep in order to enjoy all the day's activities and to be at your best.

Feng Shui Objects to Feel Like Home
You may consider bringing a few (I mean, just a few!) environmental anchors on your trip to remind you of home and keep you grounded in your goals.

This can included scented candles that you particularly like, inspirational books, or photos of loved ones, mentors or people you admire. If you have one or two symbolic objects that easily fit in your bag, pack them and place them on the nightstand at your hotel.

Dress to Adjust Your Chi
You can also Feng Shui yourself by dressing in clothes that suit the occasion and complement and strengthen your chi. You can learn more about Feng Shui clothing colors in this article.
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