Feng Shui For Love: Truth & Myth of Mandarin Ducks & Your Love Life

Here's what happens when you put a pair of Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks in your love & relationship area… This may surprise you.

Today’s episode is all about using Feng Shui to attract passionate love and the kind of relationship that is actually perfect for you.

Many times, once my Feng Shui clients finally reach out to me for help, they’re frustrated with their love life and desperately seeking change.

But what happens before I see them?

Typically, they all try many of the traditional routes. This can range from reading articles, talking with friends, professional therapy, journaling, going out and trying to be more social, signing up for dating sites, etc. And when they don’t get the results they're seeking... they increase their search of what they can do to improve their love life.

This brings them to Feng Shui. They’ll start reading all kinds of articles that tell them to add this, that and other in their home or bedroom. That they need to buy specific items  to place in their Feng Shui relationship area to draw in the partner of their dreams.   

Some of these love trinkets may include a pair of Mandarin Ducks. And when that doesn’t work, they continue searching for what else they can place in their love corner to attract the love of their life, get married, have a family and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, the desired outcome rarely happens.  

In today’s episode, we’re talking about Feng Shui, mandarin ducks and your love corner.

If you've ever struggled with attracting the type of partner and relationship that is actually perfect for you, this episode is for you.  

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Feng Shui Your Relationship: What To Do If You Just Don’t Talk Anymore

Are you in a relationship where you just don't talk anymore?

Love, romance and passion are not just for those that are single and looking for their other half. Many women who are already in a committed relationship also want to have LOVE, PASSION and to share a great connection.

Arguments, conflicts, misunderstandings and a lack of communication can quickly impact a relationship. So if you find that the two of you don't seem to be getting along, not communicating well or not even talking to each other, before you decide that you picked the wrong person, check to see if it could be the Feng Shui of your home.

This can be the case if you recently moved into a new home, have rearranged your space, experienced the challenges since the start of the new year or if you've been doing some remodeling. All of these can be a indication that the disturbance in the Feng Shui of your home could be impacting the communication in your relationship.


Good. Now watch this entire video and discover how you can improve the Feng Shui of your home to change the positive communication in your relationship.

Check it out now...

In the comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

Do you ever feel like you and your other half don't talk anymore? Or just don't communicate like you used to?

And even if you haven't experienced this, what are you doing to make sure your positive communication continues?

Be as specific as you can in your comment. These examples could be the missing key to helping others get unstuck and have a positive impact in their relationship.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing in the discussion!
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Feng Shui Relationship: 3 Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship

The other day, I shared some signs that may indicate you've found true love with the man of your dreams. But what if you have deeper doubts? You know it's not true love (yet), but you think there may be a chance for your love to grow, given time.

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Feng Shui Relationship: 5 Signs You've Found True Love

Many women come to me to learn how to use Feng Shui to find a boyfriend or create true love in their lives. But what if you're already in a relationship and you're not sure if he's “the one?”

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Marriage in Trouble? 3 Feng Shui Tips to Help - Fast!

In challenging economic times, divorce rates tend to fall. Divorce can be an expensive proposition, and it's true that two can live less expensively than one, which may lead couples to stay together - unhappy.

In stressful times, although divorce rates may go down, that doesn't mean married couples are happier.

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6 Secrets to Building a More Successful Relationship

Are you doing pretty well in most areas of your life, but still struggle with your romantic relationship? This time of year can be especially hard if you're in an unhappy relationship. But there's hope.

You can't change other people. (Don't you often wish you could?) How many times do people say, “Things would be so much better if only he (or she) would change”? It's usually futile and frustrating to try to change anyone else, but you can create powerful changes in your life when it begins inside of you.

Here are six spiritual principles to follow to create a happier relationship and change the lives of both you and your partner. Best of all, while you may find many opportunities to apply these relationship-changing tips with other people in everyday life -- including co-workers, friends and other relatives -- these tips can be applied to any kind of relationship to build a bond of trust and affinity.

So here they are. Six powerful change agents to build more successful relationships:

1- Express gratitude. - It's a key tenet of attracting everything you want in life, and it works for a successful relationship, too. Whether you decide to share your thoughts during dinner, at night before you go to bed, or even on little notes posted on your bathroom for your partner to see before they leave for work, telling your partner you are grateful for them creates more of the behavior you're grateful for. Be specific. “I am grateful that yesterday you...”

Also remember to verbalize or write down what you appreciate about yourself: positive traits, specific actions or decisions you made. You simply can't have a strong relationship without feeling good about yourself, too. The spirit of gratitude is a powerful agent for positive change in your life.

2. Show and tell your partner how much they are appreciated. - It's one thing to let your partner know, every day, the different ways they light up your life. But we live in a world where people want to see evidence of everything, and this is true in successful relationships, too. From bringing home fresh flowers (which add a healthy dose of life chi to your home or apartment, as well!), to knowing exactly how your partner takes their coffee, look for small but meaningful gestures you can use to show your partner you love them.

3. Keep your word. - Strong relationships are built on trust. But it's not just the big things (remaining faithful, being open and honest about finances, etc.) that require you to keep your word. When you say you're going to be available for a special date, make sure you're there. (If you believe there's a chance you won't make it because of other priorities, don't say you will be there.) Even if it's something as small as promising to bring home milk after work, stay true to your word. This builds trust in very subtle ways, and trust is the foundation for a successful relationship.

4. Be a giver, not a taker. - The more we give, the more we receive. It's a law of the Universe, taught by the great spiritual masters and applied every day in Feng Shui principles, and it works in relationships, too. Think of your partner first. Be sure to give more than you get (without thoughts of getting anything in return.) Your relationship dynamic will change. You'll be happier. And so will your partner. Simply giving more is an amazing path to positive change.

5. Be a good listener. - Follow the Buddhist principle of listening with your heart. Don't judge. Don't give advice. Just listen with an open heart and your partner will feel the love flowing out of you.

6. Show compassion to everyone -- but especially to your partner. - Again, the more compassion, love and selflessness we exhibit, the more will come back to us. Align your home or apartment to match these goals by activating the Helpful People section of your home as a reminder to be helpful, kind and compassionate to others. Love is amazing -- the more we give away, the more we have to give. Practice compassion with friends, family, co-workers and strangers. But always give your partner the best of your kindness and compassion.

People love being around people who make them feel as if they matter, make them feel as if they are the only person in the world. When you begin acting in ways that encourage those feelings in your partner, you are building a successful relationship and a lifetime of happiness.
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Cook Dinner At Home for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a unique idea for a Valentine's Day date? Why not skip the crowded restaurant scene and have a nice, romantic dinner at home? Using your stove is good Feng Shui, as it gets the energy flowing in that area of your home and reflects your income opportunities, fame and reputation. So, if you want to be popular with the opposite sex, you really can win someone's heart with a home-cooked meal.

Make Food Prep Easy and Stress-Free

To set the stage for your romantic dinner, plan something easy. You don't want stress over food prep to ruin your mood before the night even begins. Whether it's lobster, stir fry or a pasta dish (make sure to keep it light so you're not too stuffed for after-dinner festivities), create a plan for cooking that will keep it simple.

Select Colorful Foods

Bright, colorful foods are healthy and look more appealing on the plate. Don't weigh things down in heavy sauces, and pick a variety of fresh vegetables of different colors for a meal that's as attractive as your date. Finish off with fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate for a sensual, sense-tingling dessert. Check out this article for more tips about Feng Shui foods.

Set the Right Feng Shui Mood from Start to Finish

Set the table with classy black and white linens with splashes of red for color (and passion). Consider placing red roses on the table, but keep them cut short so they don't obstruct your view of each other. You can dine by unscented candlelight for a truly romantic mood.

(By the way, on page 61 of my eBook I share another FABULOUS tip about how to Feng Shui For Love. This one tip corrects a deadly mistake almost EVERY woman makes with relationships - you’ll see what I mean…)

Get more info about my eBook: Feng Shui Secrets Free Trial

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Feng Shui To Find Your True Love

Arthur Ashe, professional tennis player, once said:  “You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing.” This can apply far beyond sports, to nearly any aspect of life.

If you are single and looking for romance, ask yourself: “Am I really 'going for it?' Am I taking chances without concern about the end result?”

It's easy to take a chance if you have nothing to lose, if the stakes aren't all that high to begin with. For instance, you might find it easy to go on a blind date, because if the person doesn't like you (or you don't like that person), you haven't lost anything other than one night and a few bucks.

However, it could be harder to approach a stranger at a party who you've already decided you like. If that person rejects you, you might spend the rest of the night feeling down or bad about yourself. It could even affect future dates by hurting your self-confidence. The stakes are higher.

Use Feng Shui to Boost Your Confidence and Take a Chance

The secret is to get to the point where winning or losing doesn't matter in anything you do. You can use Feng Shui to boost your confidence level so that whatever people think of you, it doesn't change your opinion of yourself. At this point, you'll take more chances. You won't hesitate to “go for it.” With this new attitude, you'll put yourself in more positions to find true love -- and truly “wow” people as you do.

Most people have far more regrets about “the one that got away,” or about things they wish they had done but never did, than about things they've tried and, perhaps, failed. If even a great athlete can say that it's not about winning or losing, you know it's true. To put a twist on an old expression: It's not whether you win or lose, it's that you played the game.

Take Action Now

What one step are you going to take today, right now, toward finding true love? What chance are you going to take? What are you going to do so that you can say you went for it? Comments welcome; I love your feedback!

Please share your successes, or just share how it felt to step out of your comfort zone below. And if you feel really serious about making a change in your current situation and get setup to make 2012 your best year yet, take a look at the Ultimate Feng Shui Makeover package.
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Feng Shui Love Tips: How To Attract True Love and New Opportunities

It's one of the dangers of living in New York City, or anywhere that space is tight. People feel compelled to fill every empty spot with... something. Storage solutions. Furniture. Stuff.

Certainly, you can decorate in a way that makes the most of your space, including creating additional storage where it is needed and flexible seating arrangements to make guests to your home or apartment comfortable, too.

But true beauty and elegance is often found in the empty spaces of a home or apartment. If the energy in your home or apartment doesn't feel just right, it might not be that you need to add more furniture, carpeting, artwork, knick-knacks or even Feng Shui cures. Sometimes, you'll create elegance by taking things away instead of adding to the clutter and the energy around you.

Energy All Around Us

Every item we own or come into contact with has its own energy. When we add more “things” to our space, we are co-mingling that energy with our own. Before adding something to your space, make sure its energy will be a positive addition.

- Do you love it?
- Is it useful?
- Does it have a purpose (even if that purpose is just to bring you joy)?

Make Room for Your Own Energy

Just because there's an empty space -- perhaps a corner in your living room, or a blank wall in the kitchen -- it doesn't mean you have to fill it. The more open, empty space we have, the more chi can circulate through our home, carrying opportunities, good health, and happiness.We can permit our own energy to permeate our home, making it truly “ours,” a vehicle we can use on our journey to discover our true-self and begin to live the life of our dreams.
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Find True Love by Breaking Old Patterns

Are you holding yourself back from finding true love without even realizing it? Do you follow the same patterns, day after day, expecting different results? It was Albert Einstein who first pointed out that doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, but it's been repeated many times.

The expression applies to anything in life, whether you're talking about business, relationships or dating. But what about when you don't recognize the patterns, when you're so ingrained in your habits that you don't even realize you're doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome? Applying Feng Shui in our homes and apartments gives us an advantage when it comes to recognizing and changing the patterns that don't work in our lives.

Looking at Old Space and Old Habits with New Eyes

Do you know that feeling you get when you re-arrange your home, or add a new item, such as furniture, a throw rug or window treatments? Small and subtle changes -- sometimes as small as placing fresh flowers in a vase on your kitchen table -- can feel like a breath of fresh air. It can make our place feel like a whole new home.

When we shake up our surroundings in this way, it can help us break old patterns, but first we have to recognize those patterns. Taking a close look at the marraige and romance corner -- the back right corner of your home when you view it from the front door looking in -- may reveal some of your patterns or views on love and romance.

As you assess the space and your patterns, think about these questions:

- Do you wait for others to always take the initiative when it comes to romance?
- Do you come on too strong when you meet someone you like?
- Do you take time to listen to your date during that first conversation?
- Are you too quiet on first dates; do you listen as the other person reveals anything while failing to reveal anything about yourself?

Now Make a Shift

Whatever your pattern, consider doing the exact opposite next time you go out. If you don't usually approach attractive strangers, push out of your comfort zone and do it, wherever you might be. If you're more of a listener, try talking. If you dominate conversations, stand back and listen for a while.

Pushing out of your comfort zone will reveal important insight about yourself on your journey to find true love.

What step will you take today to change your love life? Why not take a chance and share with us how it worked out by posting below?
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