Feng Shui For Love: How To Attract The Kind Of Men That Are Perfect For You

Question: Are you satisfied with your relationship status or your love life? I really hope the answer is yes, but the sad reality is...

Nearly all of us at one time or another feel like we're not attracting the right kind of people into our life that we want to have a long term relationship with.

So whether you’re just out of a relationship and ready to attract true love and romance or if you haven't had a date in months (or even years) and you’re ready to bring passionate love into your life. Or maybe you've had an endless string of dates but have still not met the one person who is perfect for you. I believe this can help.

In today's episode of Ken Lauher TV, we're tackling a relationship block that holds many women back from attracting true love.

If you ever feel conflicted about your relationship or lack thereof, and feel like there is something constantly happening that either attracts the wrong kind of men or if the relationship always feels like a workout, watch this video now.

You may have some conflict represented in your relationship corner that could be impacting your ability to attract the type of men that are actually perfect for you.

You'll also get to see what you can do about it and how you can turn your relationship and love life around.

Now I'd love to hear from you.

Are you currently in a relationship that you would like to improve or are you looking to attract the right kind of men that are actually perfect for you?

Did you take a look in your relationship areas to see what items were located there?

Let me know the specific insight that you learned from this and what action you are going to take.

Remember to be clear and specific in your comments as it can make a huge difference for others.

Thank you, as always, for reading and watching!

P.S. If you want to learn even more Feng Shui training, head over to the  home page for my free three part video series.
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Feng Shui Relationship: 3 Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship

The other day, I shared some signs that may indicate you've found true love with the man of your dreams. But what if you have deeper doubts? You know it's not true love (yet), but you think there may be a chance for your love to grow, given time.

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Is Your Home Keeping You Single?

Right now, as you're reading this (if you're at home) take a few moments to look around your house or apartment and consider if you would be comfortable sharing it with another person. Of course, our homes should reflect our personality and taste. But is your house so uniquely yours that it seems to say you don't have the space in your life for a significant other?

If you're interested in finding a soul mate, your home should reflect this. One red flag that your home could be keeping you from finding a boyfriend or girlfriend is if your space is too masculine or too feminine. If your home's chi has a strong sense of masculine or feminine energy, you may want to tone it down by introducing elements that represent the opposite gender.

The Ultimate Bachelor Pad?
Instance, if a leather couch and dark earth tones give your home a masculine energy, considering softening it with lighter colors and softer textures. You don't have to pack up that 50-inch flat screen and home theater set-up with the giant subwoofers. But consider a few gender neutral or even feminine elements in artwork, throw pillows or other items. In the master bedroom, reds and pinks can soften an otherwise masculine room and help encourage romance.  Fresh cut flowers or fresh fruit in the home can also add a feminine touch without being overtly “girly.”

Too Feminine?
If your home still contains your doll collection from your youth and is decorated in pinks and purples with stuffed animals all around, consider packing up some of these toys (especially if they were given to you by ex-boyfriends) and adding some elements to make the space more “grown up.” Consider adding candles in scents like cinnamon, sandalwood, licorice or cucumber, which are said to appeal to men in particular. You want your home to be a space where anyone can feel comfortable.

What items could you remove or replace to help make your home support your relationship goals and desires? Leave a comment below.
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Feng Shui Love Tips: Boost Your Confidence to Attract a Boyfriend

Are you looking for ways to use Feng Shui to find true love? Feng Shui can be a powerful tool to help you find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Feng Shui, at its heart, is about aligning your outer world and surroundings -- your home, apartment, or office place -- with your inner goals. There are several ways this can help you find your soul mate.

Confident people are more attractive. Think about it: Who would you rather date? The shrinking wallflower who barely says a word at a dinner party, or the vibrant personality who bursts into a room and begins to make everyone smile? The second person exudes confidence, and this is tremendously attractive.

Follow these three tips to use Feng Shui to boost your confidence.

1. Hang mirrors high -- but not too high. A mirror hung near the door or in your entryway at the perfect height (so you can see your whole face and none of your image is “chopped off”) can make you feel great about yourself every morning.

2. Get out and exercise. The body is key to self-confidence. When you feel good about you and your body, that energy is reflected outward. You may walk a little taller, have a sparkle in your eye and have the energy and stamina to flirt with others. Take the time today to list one item you could do each week to improve your body so that you are feeling stronger, healthier and sexier.

3. Surround yourself with nice things. When you live in a home or apartment you're proud of and enjoy coming home to every day, you'll feel better. Make sure rooms are open and airy, leaving plenty of space for chi to flow. Surround yourself with objects that look nice and make you feel good; they don't have to cost a lot. Fresh cut flowers are a great way to remind yourself that you are worthy of nice things without spending a lot of money.

These proven Feng Shui tips can boost your confidence. When you're feeling more confident, you'll be in a better place to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.
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Feng Shui Love Tips: New Mattress for a New Romance

According to Feng Shui principles, your bed affects many areas of your life: your health, your energy levels, and, of course, your love life. Yet too many people sleep on an old, uncomfortable mattress because they don't want to spend the money on a new one.

If you've recently broken off a long term relationship, it's important to replace your mattress with a new one. You'll be clearing out the old energy to make room to invite someone new into your life. In the meantime, you'll be strengthening your own energy on a bed that is uniquely -- and exclusively -- yours.

The Best Size Mattress

When you buy a mattress, size is important. A Queen size bed is best. A twin or a full bed doesn't leave room for a partner in the bed. Be careful, because leaning toward a full size bed could reflect your mindset of being single. In order to attract a soul mate, you want to begin thinking as if you've already found the love of your life.

You may have slept in a king size bed before your break-up. Unfortunately, a king size bed can sometimes contribute to break-ups. Because a king-size bed is made of two twin foundations, it can create a divide between a couple. Additionally, once you've gone to a king size bed, the only way to go is to downgrade ... in other words, a break-up and a move to a smaller bed.

Start New with a Feng Shui Mattress

If you are still sleeping in the king size mattress from an old relationship, replace it, along with your old mindset that may no longer work for you as someone looking for love.

A new mattress doesn't have to be expensive, as long as it's comfortable to you. Today's memory foam mattresses are very reasonably priced. Whatever you do, make sure the mattress is brand new -- don't pick one up from a yard sale or thrift store, because these mattresses will hold the energy of the previous owners.

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