Feng Shui Living Room Colors To Welcome Balance, Relaxation & Harmony

Painting your living room always sounds nice but it can actually be quite difficult and frustrating when trying to choose the best color.

Choosing the right Feng Shui colors for a living room can set the tone for the feelings people have throughout your entire space.

The living room is often the first room people see when they enter your home. Many smaller homes or apartments have the front door in the living room, making the living room part of the front entrance.

As the threshold between your home and the outside world, you want to bring a bit of the natural world into your living room using Feng Shui colors.

This week's episode shares with you the best Feng Shui colors to paint your living room. These colors will help you be in harmony with your space and to help you creating a comfortable and inviting living room that welcomes relaxation, conversation and more.

Click play to learn the best colors for your living room and how you can easily incorporate them into your space.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you. 

What colors are represented in your living room? Are they adding value to your space or not?

Is the living room a place you enjoy spending your time?

What tips from this episode could you implement into your living room? And, if you have tips for colors for the living room, would love to hear those too.

If you have a friend trying to figure out what color to paint their living room, forward this post to them. They'll thank you for it!
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Cut Clutter with Meaningful Photographs

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has a deeper meaning when you're cutting clutter from your home. A picture can be worth a thousand trinkets from departed loved ones, artwork from your kindergartner (who graduated college last year), and even creations you've made yourself.

It's time to stop making excuses and start clearing the clutter so you can begin to enjoy the items you have that you truly love. Can't bear to part with an item? Take a picture of it, then write a sentence or two about what it means to you. Frame it, and hang it somewhere that you can really enjoy it.

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7 Feng Shui Secrets You Must Know Before You Start Home Renovations

If you just had a Feng Shui consultation, or are thinking about getting one, you may also be considering home renovations to help bring your home or apartment into better alignment with your life purpose.

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Vera Wang Finds A Place to Relax in L.A.

Vera Wang, hunting for what she calls the “yin” to her New York “yang” lifestyle, has purchased a four-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills. In an article in Harper's Bazaar, she revealed she'd been looking for the perfect Beverly Hills vacation home for 10 years. She said, "I looked and looked, but when I found this one I felt so immediately comfortable being in it," she says.

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Keep Your Family Safe: Get Rid of these Hidden Killers in Your Kitchen

There are a lot of Feng Shui myths about what can cause misfortune in your kitchen. Don't display knives? That's a myth. But don't cook with your back to the door -- and if you have to, place a mirror over the stove.

Many real dangers in your kitchen have nothing to do with Feng Shui. Let's identify some dangers in your kitchen, and some things you may have thought were dangerous but are actually okay (under certain circumstances.)

Danger! Danger!

1. Dirty sponges - Just one look and you might draw the conclusion that a used kitchen sponge is harboring all sorts of bacteria -- and you'd be right. But there's an easy fix. Microwave your sponge for two minutes after use, and you'll get rid of most of those germs.

Since microwaves aren't good Feng Shui, though, you may have already tossed yours. If so, sanitize the sponge in boiling water mixed with a splash of vinegar for three minutes.

2. Store-bought cleansers (possibly even ones marketed as “green” kitchen cleaners!) cause a number of diseases, ailments and discomfort. Everything from cancer to migraines and allergies may be caused by the chemicals in many store-bought cleaners. And, because companies don't list ingredients on most products, you have no idea what you're really putting on surfaces.

“Green” products don't have to follow any regulations to label themselves as such -- and they can be pricey. Your best bet is to clean with all natural ingredients you find in your home. Cleaning experts say you can clean practically anything with three ingredients in different combinations: vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

3. Raw meat - With all the food sitting in there, including older leftovers, your refrigerator may also be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Clean your fridge from top to bottom (using hot water or, for real messes, a solution of baking soda and water) every two weeks. But in the interim, minimize dangerous bacteria like salmonella by keeping raw meat separate from the rest of your foods -- and especially from fruits and vegetables that you won't cook before eating.

4. Tap water - Is the water in your home really safe? There have been no new standards set for contaminants in drinking water since 2001. Drinking water can contain chemicals such as chloroform and cyanide, in trace amounts, and still be considered safe to drink.

To be really safe, check with the Environmental Working Group to see what contaminants are in your home's drinking water, and then get a water filter specifically designed to filter out the most dangerous chemicals. You might also want to consider filtering out fluoride and heavy metals.

5. Microwave oven - I've pointed out that, because of the energy it emits, a microwave is considered bad Feng Shui. Evidence shows that older microwaves that are beginning to lose their seals may leak radiation. Just to be safe, don't stand directly in front of the microwave while you're waiting for your lunch to heat up.
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The Urge to Purge: 5 Strategies for a More Zen Space

Feng Shui isn't necessarily about clearing clutter, but in many homes, it definitely helps with clear-thinking and staying focused on your goals. Where do you start? Looking at a mess can seem overwhelming unless you develop an action plan and tackle one space at a time. Here are 5 easy tips to get you started.

1. Start with the kitchen - Do you expect -- and receive -- an avalanche every time you open your kitchen cabinets? Time to take stock and re-organize. Check the expiration dates on everything and toss the old stuff. If something's on the verge of expiring, Google some recipes and see how you might be able to use it ASAP. Nothing appeals? Toss it now and cross it off future grocery lists.

Moving down to your kitchen drawers, it's time to be brutal. Keep two of common utensils like spatulas and cake servers -- not five. Evaluate everything in your drawer. Have you used it in the past year? Do you foresee using it the future? If not, out it goes. Well, you may want to hang on to Grandma's french fry cutter, but only if it brings back fond memories. Then, make a commitment to slice some crinkle cut sweet potato fries and bake them up tonight.

When you're done with the great purge, set your intention to keep your countertops clear (think of creative places to stow appliances you don't use often, like the garage or basement) and to wipe off your stove every night after dinner.

2- Focus on your home office. - How can you bring your best self to the table for creative, fulfilling projects or even paying bills if you're sitting amidst piles of clutter? Take the same approach you did with the kitchen, and toss or shred junk mail, expired coupons, catalogs and old magazines.

Then create a sorting system you'll stick with. Buy folders or bins that are fun and inspiring so you want to use them, and make a place for bills, mail, receipts, magazines to read, etc. As papers pile up monthly, sort through and get rid of what you don't need.

Also, begin transitioning to a “paper-less office” by requesting electronic statements for your monthly bills. Scan in important paperwork when you do the monthly purge. You can store on your hard drive or securely online for an automatic back-up solution of important paperwork.

3- Create a leaner library. - Don't have a Kindle yet? Or maybe you're a bibliophile who can't bear to part with a book. Evaluate your the books in your home library the same way you evaluate other items in your home. Do you use it frequently? Does it bring you joy? Does it serve a purpose? Books you use for reference (and you can't find the equivalent online easily), books you read over and over again, or titles that  make you smile when you see them deserve a space on your shelf. Donate the rest to your local library -- an organization of people who still appreciate books the way you do.

4 - Go for a photo finish. Photos, like books, accumulate with time. Piles of photos that need to be placed in albums, or photo albums that are falling apart, create emotional and physical clutter in your environment.

View photos objectively, rather than with sentiment, and follow these rules: Toss duplicates, unflattering pictures, photos that are too dark, too light, too blurry or too grainy. Now that you're left with the best, sort into relevant categories and place them in photo boxes. Find your favorites and put them in frames to hang down a long hallway, in the foyer, or on stairwell walls.
You might also scan your pictures (this is a great task to give to kids on a rainy afternoon), back them up, and stow the originals.

5. Create a sanctuary in your bathroom -- starting with your make-up drawer and medicine cabinet. - Ladies know it's hard to create a private space for rest and re-awakening when you can't find your mascara in the morning. The first step to a more zen bathroom is to clear the clutter, including toiletries, make-up, perfumes and lotions you don't use. This is also important for your health, since expired make-up, make-up that doesn't look quite right, or has a bad odor is spoiled and could be harboring dangerous bacteria.

The medicine cabinet is also an important space to keep clean, organized and clutter free. You don't want to be rummaging for a band-aid when you're bleeding and expired medications lose potency.

We've come full circle here -- start by checking expiration dates and tossing anything that's old or about to expire. Then toss anything you haven't used in at least a year. You might create two baskets or bins, and place all your make-up inside one. As you use a particular cosmetic, place it in the second bin. Anything in the first bin -- meaning you haven't touched it in a year -- should go. As you buy cosmetics, only buy products to replace ones that expire or run out.

Prevent “Clutter Creep”

Now that you're finished, you don't want to go through that again, do you? Stay on top of expiration dates and sorting. Follow this rule with everything in your home: If it doesn't serve a purpose or bring you joy, out it goes.

With less “stuff” to worry about, you can focus on finding and living your true life purpose.
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Feng Shui Love Tips: How To Attract True Love and New Opportunities

It's one of the dangers of living in New York City, or anywhere that space is tight. People feel compelled to fill every empty spot with... something. Storage solutions. Furniture. Stuff.

Certainly, you can decorate in a way that makes the most of your space, including creating additional storage where it is needed and flexible seating arrangements to make guests to your home or apartment comfortable, too.

But true beauty and elegance is often found in the empty spaces of a home or apartment. If the energy in your home or apartment doesn't feel just right, it might not be that you need to add more furniture, carpeting, artwork, knick-knacks or even Feng Shui cures. Sometimes, you'll create elegance by taking things away instead of adding to the clutter and the energy around you.

Energy All Around Us

Every item we own or come into contact with has its own energy. When we add more “things” to our space, we are co-mingling that energy with our own. Before adding something to your space, make sure its energy will be a positive addition.

- Do you love it?
- Is it useful?
- Does it have a purpose (even if that purpose is just to bring you joy)?

Make Room for Your Own Energy

Just because there's an empty space -- perhaps a corner in your living room, or a blank wall in the kitchen -- it doesn't mean you have to fill it. The more open, empty space we have, the more chi can circulate through our home, carrying opportunities, good health, and happiness.We can permit our own energy to permeate our home, making it truly “ours,” a vehicle we can use on our journey to discover our true-self and begin to live the life of our dreams.
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Use Feng Shui to Make Guests Feel Comfortable This Thanksgiving

Are you fortunate hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? That can be an occasion wrought with stress -- if you let it. But you can use Feng Shui to relax yourself and help your guests feel more comfortable in order to create a memorable day that everyone will be grateful for. Follow these Feng Shui tips for a gratitude-filled Thanksgiving.

1. Let your home reflect who you are - If you're like many people, your home is not a reflection of who you are right now, but a mixture of who you were in the past and even the person others believe you should be. Take a few hours, in this season of giving, to sort through some of your belongings and donate ones that no longer fit who you are and who you want to be.

2. Make your front entrance inviting. - Make sure your entry is well-lit and that there is a clear, safe path to your door. If you didn't already do it in the spring or summer, it's time to trim back hedges that may be creating a closed-in feeling on the path to your door. Motion sensor lights that greet visitors at your door should work. If your entry has dead lightbulbs or broken lights, fix them or speak to the building manager about getting them fixed. If you have a door bell, make sure it works, if possible.

3. Arrange your table so everyone feels comfortable. - The ideal Thanksgiving table will be arranged so that, if everyone can't be in a command position, at least no one has their back directly to the door. Make sure all guests can fit comfortably at the table.

A lot of times, hosting a large family for the holidays will stretch a New York City apartment until it feels as if it's bursting at the seams. If possible, clear other furniture and items out of the dining area to make the room seem more spacious. You can also add mirrors to the walls to expand the space. These also symbolically add to your bounty and promise a coming year of wealth. Consider skipping large centerpieces or anything else that may make the space seem tight. Fresh cut seasonal flowers are inexpensive, look great and don't take up a lot of room.

4. Make a strong first impression with scents of the season. You can use scents -- from fresh-baked pumpkin pie to apple-scented candles -- to create a sense of relaxation with aromatherapy.

5. Meditate for the right frame of mind. - Your guests will pick up on your energy, whether they realize it or not. If you are stressed, an uneasiness may fill the room. Meditate before guests arrived to feel calm and collected -- rather than harried and frazzled -- throughout dinner. The more anxious you feel about hosting, the longer you should meditate until you can achieve a peaceful state of mind. Once you've achieved that feeling, recollect it at intervals throughout the night so you will always exude a sense of control.

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I am truly grateful for everyone who reads this blog and is making it possible for me to fill my purpose of helping people change their lives through Feng Shui.
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3 Feng Shui Ways to Increase Your Income with Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Do you have the year-end budget blues? Are you determined to make this the year that you live in abundance, with more than enough to meet your material needs, support the charities that matter to you, and give freely (of your time and money) to friends and family?

Thanksgiving marks a holiday where we celebrate the harvest and bounty. You can increase your income by making Feng Shui changes to your home, and it begins with celebrating the bounty all around you. Follow these three tips right now to become a money magnet and attract all the abundance you desire.

1. Evaluate your stove and kitchen. - In Feng Shui, our stove represents how we receive our sustenance and, as such, it can represent both our health and our wealth. Symbolically increase the volume of the food you cook for your family by placing mirrors around your stove -- on the backsplash and to the side of your stove. Don't cook? It's time to start. If you barely boil water through the year you may not want to start cooking by hosting Thanksgiving dinner. But make a commitment to use your stove at least once a day, whether it's for a cup of tea or a family dinner.

2. Remember to be grateful -- now and all through the year. Most families begin Thanksgiving dinner with some form of saying grace or expressing gratitude for the food they have. But this is a good year-round practice. Enroll children in the process by asking them what they are most grateful for today.

3. Give with no expectations. - The holiday season provides  plenty of opportunities to donate to food pantries, charity organizations, or even those sidewalk Santas ringing bells for donations to the Salvation Army. Give a little bit every once in a while with no expectation of anything in return. Helping others is a great pick-me-up to start or end your day. Consider spending one day working with a local charity. You'll be forever changed by the experience.

What step can you take today to show gratitude for everything you have and are about to recieve?

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Feng Shui Basics: Are You A Guest In Your Own Home?

Everyone has a few unfulfilled dreams, along with small things we'd like to do on an everyday basis that we just never seem to find the time for.

We tend to really shine in whatever area of life we focus on -- for some people, that's career.

For others, kids. For some, a new relationship. But when we're honed in on a single objective, we sometimes forget other activities that would make us happy.

One thing I see a lot in clients' homes and apartments are items and clothes that go unused -- sometimes purchased and still in the original packaging.

Or even plastic still over the lamp shades from when they were at the store. These items often represent things we'd like to make time to do, but don't.

Instead, we wind up living in a home or apartment that's somewhat unfulfilling and doesn't represent our true self.

Feng Shui Candles for Spirituality

For instance, when I recently went to one client's home,  I discovered beautiful scented candles on the coffee table, still sealed and wrapped. I asked her if she liked candles and liked burning them. She said yes.

I suggested she open the candles and then light them in the evening for relaxation. Well, that simple act of taking time to just open the candles and then sitting and relaxing, enjoying her private space, paved the way to more spiritual thoughts and energy.

As she set herself in that spiritual frame of mind, she began attracting other spiritual people in her life. She feels calmer and happier.

In Her Own Words

Following the Feng Shui consultation, my New York City client mentioned: “I sit at the table and light the candles now, something as simple as that has made a big change. And Ken's very tuned in to these kinds of changes.

When you absorb the recommendations of people who are tuned in and have expertise, you begin creating a certain frame of mind within yourself. Then you begin drawing the right people to yourself, which helps you maintain that frame of mind. It's a positive cycle.”

Today, take a moment to look around your home to see what you can do to start living with your space rather than being a guest in your own home. Leave what you see and some of your action items in the comments section below as I would love to hear from you.
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